If I Fail I Am One Step Closer To Succeeding

If you are not failing every now and then, it is a sure sign that you are not trying enough. – There a famous quotes, mentioned, “it takes about 65000 errors before you are qualified to make a ROCKET”. Just because something didn’t turned out how you planned doesn’t mean an end of the world.

If-I-Fail-I-Am-One-Step-Closer-To-SucceedingIt’s high time that we accept that fact that mistakes are part of life and they help you learn to be a better human being, avoid similar mishaps in business and that is how the life goes on. Agreed that these quotes are good to read, but when it comes to practical life it is tough.

We all hate to fail, we dread it, and we fear it and when it does happen we hold on to it. We give so much importance to that failure that we fail to see that there is a ray of hope – a light in the end of the tunnel and this is what it gets you going.

You are surely going to have several failing situations, but it is how you going to take it. Make a good example and learn from it or you are going to crib for years and years and stuck with that negativity. The choice you will make will be reflecting your entire life … why not stay positive and learn from your FAILURES?

It’s not the end of the world if you fail

Failure is just an option. In the businesses especially the start-ups, initial phase is going to be rock hard. Going into a venture and trying to convince that failure isn’t an acceptable option can hamper your creativity in planning for contingencies. It also makes it harder to bounce back from the failure if it happens.

Projects fails, businesses fails, and people fails to do things that they promised or wanted to do but no one fails until they chose to be.

Nothing is wasted if you have learned something out of it

We all have come across that “Move on” quotes, advises, suggestions million times but when put to practice is tough. Mourning over going your project that didn’t get to come on board, the time and money down the drain isn’t going to help. Calculating the loss seems to be the default setting anytime an investment that doesn’t get the return we expected.

Don’t deny the losses, but know that a balance sheet has 2 columns, change that lament into a challenge to tally that knowledge. Every failure comes with lessons and opportunities; all you need is to identify them.

Stop dwelling over it

Obsessing over your business failures will not change the outcome. In fact, it will only intensify the outcome trapping an emotional doom loop that disables you from moving on. The faster you take a positive leap, the quicker you can leave the debilitating, monopolizing thoughts behind.

Try a new point of view

When it comes to business, one requires having new view point to see what it takes to click. One of the best things you do is to shift your perspective and belief system away from negativity. If I fail, it means I am stupid, incapable, weak and destined to fall short – NO. If I fail I am one step closer to succeeding. I am smarter and more savvy because of the knowledge I have gained.

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