How To Handle Rejection As An Entrepreneur

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If you are an entrepreneur then you wire your brain in a certain way that you know rejections are inevitable. Being preparing oneself for failures is something which all successful entrepreneurs do. Rejection is always hard, no matter how big or small it is. Sometimes no matter how self-aware or well prepared you are, it hurts.

For an entrepreneur, rejection is inevitable. Each one of them has to face one at some point in time. The important thing is to learn to cope up with it. The most important thing is to keep throwing oneself into the ocean until you learn to swim. You need to learn how to fall.


The better you are at taking rejection and pressing on, the better your chance is of getting where you need to go. Here are a few things to remember:

Let it out

You need to get it out of your system and the only way is to acknowledge the rejection. Confront it, accept it and then move on. Bottling up your emotions will never help you. Yes, it was supposed to work but it did but eventually, it will. You are a human and we all make mistakes. Talk loudly to yourself, scream loudly if it makes you feel better. The first and foremost way to deal with any rejection is to admit rejection. You can’t turn rejection into success if you don’t accept it.

Take rejection as a feedback

Evaluate the ‘why’ behind the rejection with a cool head. When you receive a rejection, you are receiving some feedback that’s either about the idea or about the person who doesn’t like it. Be thankful for that feedback. Our mind often doesn’t want to remember the rejection. Instead, we often end up self-deprecating our own worth. Never do that. Listen to the rejection. What happens next is your choice. Stand up and come back even stronger.


Easy success is a rare exception

You are not an exception but you can become one. In other words, most of the successful entrepreneurs did not achieve success overnight. We all know that but often forget this. Quick success is overrated and a rare phenomenon. You are not an exception right now. But by learning from your rejection, working twice as hard to achieve your goal, you will become an exception one day. You will become successful.

Contemplate your next move

Take a few days off. Contemplate! Make a timeline or a to-do list. Be specific about how you want to take it from here. If it’s creating a different approach to go after the same opportunity, take some time to examine what others before you have done that helped them achieve success. Your next steps after a rejection need to be carefully planned and scrutinized

Nothing is against you

No one and nothing is against you. You can collect hundreds of rejections, and it won’t prevent you from getting a yes. Don’t worry about what others think; they have short memories.

Take it as a gift

Take rejection as a gift. Always remember that success is always buried on the other side of rejection. Are you happy or are you just comfortable? Ask yourself. A winning entrepreneurial strategy doesn’t rely on avoiding rejection, just like a winning football strategy wouldn’t rely on a perfectly executed hail mary pass.

Indulge in a banter with rejection, absorb all the blows, stand up and move on…