How to develop your Content Marketing Strategy – Indian Example

You may have read my earlier blog, Building Blocks for developing your Content Marketing Strategy; now let us take a look at one Indian example. ( Read my earlier post here )

Indian School of Business and Finance (ISBF) is a school based out of New Delhi, India offering undergraduate and graduate programs. The school is a little over a decade old and offers niche courses.

They have collaborated with the London School of Economics (LSE) for curriculum development; students receive a foreign degree in India.

The objective of the school is to create awareness amongst prospective students and influencers (parents, teachers and career counsellors), build the ISBF brand and ultimately create demand for programs they offer.

Here is one piece (video) of raw content that the school owns. One of their students, Ritesh Agarwal, (who dropped out after studying for 2 – 3 months) is a co-founder and CEO of a notable, well funded start-up, Oyo Rooms.

Agarwal attended 2015 – 16 orientation program and addressed new joinees.

He shares his entrepreneurship journey and talks about all odds he faced.

His story is not only inspiring but also uncovers hidden facts such as his association with ISBF and more. Here is his video speech.



I am sure you agree that simply posting the video on YouTube and sharing the link on Facebook and LinkedIn will not help much. So the question is, how can ISBF leverage this content to create awareness about the school, programs it offers and student profile it attracts?

So here is my recommended plan of action. In the first place I will outline my content marketing strategy by documenting objectives, target audience and content unique selling proposition.


Is to create BRAND AWARENESS by generating CURIOSITY, evoking AMBITIONS and portraying a ROLE MODEL.

Target Audience

The piece of content has the potential to resonate with a large audience and clearly the object is awareness creation for ISBF. Out here I would not prefer stating stakeholder type; I would rather go with following targeting:

  • Male and female in the age group of 16 to 50.
  • Residing in urban cities with interest in finance, business, economy, startups, and education.
  • Fan following of Ritesh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms

Audience Need

Audience profile sketch is already available to us. Now let us understand their ‘need’ or ‘motivation’.

  • Desire to learn why and how young CEOs of start-ups are successful.
  • Inquisitive about young, successful CEOs who are high school dropouts.
  • Keep an account of what’s latest with Ritesh Agarwal.

Selection of Digital and Social platforms

I would host the video on YouTube and then share the link via multiple platforms. Below is how I would package and repackage the same video to suite the platform type. At this stage, I would like to clearly outline my strategy on owned media, earned media and paid media.

Owned Media

These are platforms that ISBF owns (assumption). This could include the institution blog, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn pages, Twitter handle and SlideShare account. Below is how I would package the content. The video will be EMBEDED in every piece I create.

    • Blog: The blog will straight sell the fact that a co-founder and CEO of a notable and well-funded Indian start-up was an ISBF dropout. The title could be, ‘Ritesh Agarwal: The Untold Story’.
    • SlideShare: Every slide to have a picture and a caption. One of the slides to highlight that Ritesh Agarwal, co-founder and CEO of Oyo Rooms was an ISBF dropout. The title could be, ‘25 high-school dropouts who made it BIG!’.
    • Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn: Share three posts along with a compelling status. In first post include a link to the YouTube video, in second post include a link to the Blog and in third post include a link to the SlideShare.

Earned Media

  • These are either user generated content (UGC) platforms or platforms where editors accept guest blogs. Below is how I would package the content. The YouTube video will be LINKED in every piece I create:
    • Guest Blog: Use a bylined article, authored by a senior leader at ISBF. The theme would revolve around entrepreneurship, how institutions can prepare and empower tech-age entrepreneurs, tips for students who are aspiring entrepreneurs. I would also design an Infograph and link the video within the content. My target publications would include tier I business and education publications.
    • Wikipedia: Update following Wikipedia pages – ISBF, Oyo Rooms, Ritesh Agarwal.
    • Quora and Yahoo Answers discussions: Participate as and where relevant. Share links to guest blog, ISBF blog, YouTube video or SlideShare as relevant.

Paid Media

  • Since this is a piece providing fantastic endorsement, ISBF may wish to use paid media. Here are my top picks:
    • Facebook and LinkedIn sponsored posts
    • Google AdWords (Display advertising)

Campaign Measurement

Here I have multiple parameters to measure the success of my content marketing campaign.

  • Video views: Track the number of views on Facebook and YouTube.
  • SlideShare views: Track the number of views on SlideShare.
  • Social platforms engagement: Collective engagement (Likes/ Shares/ Comments) on all social platforms used.
  • Blog views and engagements.
  • Participation and reach via UGC sites including Quora, Yahoo Answers etc.

I hope this blog gives you a flavour of how one should plan and execute their content marketing campaign. I would love to hear back from you so do feel free to leave back a comment below.

Content Unique Selling Proposition

Although there is a lot of content on the Internet, this video uncovers the UNTOLD STORY about Ritesh Agarwal.

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In the next stage, I will outline my content marketing plan – Audience need, Social Platform selection, Reading experience. It is highly recommended that you document timelines and required resources at this stage. Last but not the least; do not skip documenting the campaign measurement criteria. Since I do not have the inside view on available resources and timeline, I will skip in this example.

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