How Startups can Simplify Lifestyle

Don’t you just hate it when you are yelled at by your boss right in the morning, your start itself is bad and the entire day is bad because hey, no one started a very productive day with the words “ you useless person” ringing in their ears. Let’s face it. We have all been there. But what finally makes us flip the lid is when we reach the home and find out that the world is not right where we expect them to. Your home groceries are out of order, your clothes are haywire and the list goes on and on and on.

startups simplify lifestyleThis is not the way life is meant to be for PG folks. No. absolutely not. Life is meant to not be stressful. It is meant to be chilled out and relaxed.

Below are 6 startups which share the same school of thought. We hope you find the one you need and take a break from the activities which consume the time you are supposed to be having fun in:

  1. Urbanclap

Urbanclap, opened its doors in 2011 and currently, It’s like calling reinforcements when you want to destroy the bases. They provide you soldiers of service industry in almost all aspects, be it doctors, beauty,cooks, music lessons etc. they also provide you with drivers with police verification in case you don’t want to book an ola for more than 3 times a week. People who did not get that, Disney channel has a lot of interesting shows on air.

  1. Grofers

DUUUUDE!!!!! You forgot to get milk and supplies again. In shared accommodation, this is a welcome sentence that greets us. Fear not my friends in need. For your random daily staple needs, grofers is the answer.  Get their app, shout at your friend for not getting the stuff and before you know it, what you ask for will be there. Genie from Aladdin, you are no longer required!!

  1. Big basket

Competing with grofer on the green stuff (don’t get excited), big basket is an online grocery shopping company that delivers selected groceries to your home. Strict vegetarian mom and dad about to arrive but fridge is stocked only with half eaten tandoori chicken? Just call them, though they wont help you with finishing off the chicken(they might if you offer them) but they surely will make sure that whatever you order is delivered.

  1. Sulekha

If urbanclap is calling in reinforcements, then sulekha is calling in countries to help you out. Sulekha , though an immediate competitor to urbanclap, is a more comprehensive set of services offered and covers aspects like ups rentals, taxi rentals etc. so, you can think of it as a service portal plus rental portal for any need that you might possibly have. Its really a question of davidvs goliath. They both offer comprehensive services.

  1. Practo

Holy Seekhkababs!!! I should not have ordered that spicy food from outside, now my stomach feels like the French revolution, Looks like I fractured my finger etc etc. no one expects people to walk around with bubble wrap around them for security and eat only herbal food products. So, instead of that we should learn to enjoy the little things in life and if there is a problem of the medical sort, leave that to practo. From the comfort of your mobile/laptop, search for the exact type of medical help you want, and from the different timings available, book an appointment at a location near you with the respective hospital/clinic. Back to party scenes soon then?

  1. Good Service

I need a non-egg chocolate cake tomorrow at midnight with some roses alongside. Sounds like what a movie star would say to his assistant right? Well you are partially correct. You can say the same thing too and we promise it will be done for you. Seriously, no jokes here. Good service is literally your personal assistant on chat of your phone. With the application available on Google play store and Apple app store, download and enjoy. Your text is their command! Ease of use has just been redefined. They offer services like Urbanclap and Sulekha, but you don’t have to spend time even for selecting the service you want. Just send a text on the app and it will be taken care of.

As is the case with most of the roommate agreements, there are a lot of things that are left unspoken but are still there. These are not mentioned because we were paid to put them here (#nojokes). But are simply mentioned here. The list goes on and on and on, and we would require a lot of scrolling and clicking on the next page. Since the age of spoon-feeding has gone by, since you are able to read this, go help yourself to look for alternatives. Not like we didn’t help you at all. Happy shopping and living.

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