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Acidity is the most common and rampant disease in all classes as well as age groups. Lifestyle is one of the major reasons, 250 million people are affected by Acidity. 20-30% of the population are suffering weekly. Solutions available in modern medicine more symptomatic and chemical in nature and have adverse effects. In other forms of medicines, the solutions are low on presentability, do not appeal strongly to the psyche, have delayed response etc.

Herbsatwork makes an attempt in bringing together best of the two worlds. They have used the principles and knowledge of Ayurveda, formulation development method and technology of modern medicine to develop this Innovative Natural Chewable Palatable Acidity Tablets for a cure in seconds, ANTAJ.

According to research reports and growth estimates Digestive Acidity market in India is estimated at INR 1750 Cr growing at 12-15% annually and will reach INR 3000 Cr by 2022. To exploit the knowledge & principles of Ayurveda and use it for the betterment of mankind by making the best use of modern technology. To have 100 products, 10 clinics and an online platform for patient-doctor interaction by the end of 2020. Presently, 26 products are available more products will be coming up with the second Clinic and Panchkarma Centre. They are also in the process of revolutionizing the entire healthcare system whereby people shall start looking at wellness rather than treatment. For Acidity according to research reports and growth estimates, Digestive Acidity market in India is estimated at INR 1750 Cr growing at 12-15% annually and will reach INR 3000 Cr by 2022.

It is one of its kind in bringing together best of the two worlds especially visible in the Product Antaj for Acidity which is a palatable chewable tablet. Acts quickly on acute and chronic acidity also available in mint, vanilla & butterscotch flavour having no adverse effects.

The Vision and Mission are to exploit the knowledge & principles of Ayurveda and use it for the betterment of mankind making the best use of modern technology. The aim is to have 100 products, 10 clinics and an online platform for patient-doctor interaction by the end of 2020.

A vast number of people are affected by acidity and hence most of the people shall understand the need for such a product. Further, the same people who would contribute will also be able to try the same through our rewards. The organisation plans to market the product in Mumbai and have been able to make the product available in 35-40% of the medical stores and around 70-75% of Ayurvedic stores. With help, they look at making Antaj available at 65-70% of Medical Stores and 90% of Ayurvedic Stores. This will help people gain access to a product which is natural and provides relief from the most rampant disease Acidity without any adverse effects.

The venture started with studying the approach of Polyherbalism. The concept revolves around the use of many herbs to increase the result of the formulation. The study carried the effects of over 100 herbs that can be used to act against acidity and then filtered, nine among them are the most effective. The research team incorporated ingredients which are mentioned in Ayurvedic Texts like Yesthimadhu, Khajur, Guduchi, Shatavari, Amalaki, Sunthi, Kali Draksha, Kariyatu and Aragvadha.

The idea was to address the aesthetics correctly since this was one of the reasons that could keep people from accepting Ayurvedic products. Hence the team worked on the packaging, which one can see is attractive, self-explanatory and uses modern methods of packaging.

More important was to address the look of the dosage form. Hence it was decided on the tablets which are modern day dosage forms that could be easy to carry and could be used anytime. Furthermore, a step ahead was taken and it was decided to make it chewable so as to make it even more convenient that one would not even need water to gulp it down.

The later uphill task was developing Antaj CHEWABLE TABLETS. The advantages of this unique formulation were manifold. The slow and sustained release from the mouth would make it effective and quick acting along with being long lasting. Herbsatwork also had to fight competition which claims that their products gave relief within minutes. Hence, chewable tablets would start acting from the mouth itself. They would be converted to liquid before reaching the stomach and would start acting immediately.

But Ayurvedic ingredients are bitter and it would be very difficult for us to make a formulation that is palatable. I.e. it should have a great taste for a patient to be able to chew it.

Herbsatwork met Ayurvedacharya’s and Formulation Development Experts who would guide them on the same. Experts in Ayurveda and Ayurvedacharyas suggested the use of Sitopala (Khadisakar) and few other ayurvedic ingredients which would add to the taste. Formulation Development Experts had other views of adding substance like Aspartame. However, they did not wish to add chemicals especially ones which could have harmful effects.

Under the guidance of Ayurvedacharyas, Formulation Development Experts and Laboratory Experts the in-house research team started formulating Antaj tablets which would be chewable. But using various ingredients only hardened the tablets making it rough. Then they made use of indigenous material which would make it smooth. After this, they conducted dissolution studies. The results were good.

Then a trial batch was made and distributed to over a hundred patients suffering from acidity. The results were good but patients insisted on for more palatable formulation. They never wanted to settle for anything less.

So the team again started working on various Ayurvedic Texts like Charak Samhita, Sushruth Samhita, Texts by Vaghbhat and also got in touch with the suppliers who could supply better ingredients which would not only mask the taste but also help in improving the texture. After months of constant and determined efforts, they finally came up with a formulation that is chewable and in accordance with all the norms of herbal tablets.

After compiling all the data, suggestions, research, trials the team met for a discussion on the path ahead. The first point suggested by experts was to eliminate the herb Kariyatu which is one of the bitterest ingredients in the formula. But research texts suggested incorporating this herb for its enormous therapeutic benefits. So keeping the formula which is result oriented was inevitable. With the formula fixed, they started exploring modern and commercial manufacturing procedures like decoction and microencapsulation to achieve desired results. After months of permutation and combination of process and materials, they devised a unique method which achieved the final outcome of very PALATABLE CHEWABLE TABLETS.

Herbatwork developed Antaj – a NATURAL CHEWABLE PALATABLE tablet which is quick acting and at the same time provides relief for even chronic complaints.

Antaj tablet it now available in a flavoured mix of mint, vanilla and butterscotch. The intention is to introduce few more flavours and also to introduce an effervescent variant.

This is one such herbal product which is not just bringing a symptomatic relief unlike other OTC products available in the market which are more chemical in nature but provides a solution to the cause of the problem.

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