No Equity – Refined Enablement Process, How this Startup Accelerator is creating Impact on Indian Start-ups.

The #StartupIndia movement has given Indian start-ups a push and the effect can be seen in start-up ecosystem itself.

It has motivated large number of people to start their own venture and every day we can see more and more people joining the path.

But launching a start-up is not an easy task, although latest tech and availability of resources made this easy but still most of the start-ups need an initial push and right path to achieve success.

Agree or not but in initial stage of a start-up, you can not be expert in everything, from things like creating the right business model, customer acquisition strategy, finding industry connects, you need right direction for all that.

With the availability of different support systems for start-ups, Accelerators and Incubators play key role in initial push for the success and growth.

Joining a start-up accelerator would help you in creating and modifying your basic outlines and plans until it becomes a successful product.

Early evidence demonstrates the significant potential of accelerators to improve start-up’s outcomes, and converting ideas into real products.

According to the report by NASSCOM and Zinnov Consulting India now has the third-highest number of startup incubators and accelerators in the world after China and the US.

India has more than 150 accelerators with Delhi-NCR, Bangalore, Mumbai being the hub with more than 40% of the total are concentrated in these areas.

But because the reason that there are so many these days, it can be a overwhelming process to select the right one for you.

Most of the startup Accelerators take equity in startup for the support but today we are highlighting an India based startup accelerator which is Equity free & multi sector accelerator, fuelling the growth for Indian start-ups.

Espark–Viridian Venture, A joint venture between Viridian ventures and UK’s most dynamic start-up accelerator, entrepreneurial spark, UK.

It has enabled more than 1700 start-ups with 80% of success rate. They are a team of highly devoted like minded individuals who have a vision to make you achieve your goals and dreams.

Espark – Viridian is based on some crucial pillars which not only aid its growth but also make it efficient and desirable to be a part of it.

The Key pillars of growth at Espark -Viridian Venture are:

Validation: The accelerator equips the startup with guidance, infrastructure and a safe environment to carry out the assessment of target customers and product possibilities.

This process turns the initial idea into a viable and feasible business model.

Enablement: Enablement is a distinctive element of their program, through which, the enablers constantly track the progress of the startup, from the moment it joins their centre.

What adds to its functionality, are the ideation session and weekly temperature checks.

Investor Readiness:  It help transform the ideas into viable businesses by helping entrepreneurs explore new avenues, analyse consumer need-gaps and validate product.

Consequently, they are ready to pitch their investor ready business plan.

Knowledge Sharing: A start-up’s success comes from, the entrepreneurs understanding of different tactical elements and strategic approaches to a business.

They invite successful entrepreneurs, industry experts and mentors to empower start-ups with both strategic and tactical know-how.

Apart from the above, Key highlights for Espark-Viridian venture includes:

  • A multi centre – multi sector innovation environment.
  • Pool of mentors, industry experts and successful entrepreneurs.
  • Network of service providers to smoothen daily processes.
  • Opportunities to raise seed funding.
  • Access to multiple growth opportunities and network expansion.
  • World class infrastructure and other amenities.
  • Workshops and training sessions at regular intervals.


Getting all the above can push your start-up ahead of others in short period of time and joining accelerator like Espark-Viridian can be a smart idea.

Several factors must be considered in choosing the right one so take your time until you are certain about it Bear in mind that you will not only be investing your time and energy, an enormous amount of money will also be given.

By and large, accelerators seem to be a positive addition to start-up ecosystems across the country and the world.

Some may not make much of a difference, but many clearly do, and the best ones are poised to meaningfully improve the odds of success for the start-ups that graduate from them.

Joining Espark-Viridian Venture start-up accelerator can be a game-changing decision for your start-up.

Visit the website here:

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