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Digital publishing company Quintype launches SpeakWrite to invest in digital media start-ups

Data-driven publishing company Quintype today said it has launched SpeakWrite, a program that will invest in start-ups in the digital media space.

The program will advise, mentor, design, develop, and help launch the sites and apps of the selected start-ups, said a release from the company, which has presence in Bengaluru and California.

It said SpeakWrite will provide expertise and support from an audience distribution, development and engagement perspective, and will help start-ups scale up.

The start-ups will be mentored by Quintype’s experts with deep entrepreneurship and corporate experience, along with insights in the publishing domain.

The program will provide mentorship, technology, a state-of-the-art publisher platform, publishing ecosystem, and an innovative community for a period of 12-24 months, the release added.

“SpeakWrite will cost no money. However, in exchange for investing SpeakWrite and Quintype resources in the selected start-ups, Quintype will take a percentage of equity stake in the respective start-ups,” Quintype Founder and CEO Amit Rathore said.

He said the exact amount depends on several factors like the stage of the start-up, amount of funding raised, complexity of the initial site/apps and the business plan.

The company expects to close this year with 5 start-ups, out of which it has already picked 3. “We plan to invest in around 15 more start-ups next year,” Rathore added.