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contentmartContentmart is India’s first online content marketplace. The company is built with a mission to set an outstanding and a user-friendly platform for skilled writers and content seekers to connect with each other in the most secure way possible.

With Contentmart you can access to thousands of copywriters from India and all around the world. You can choose a copywriter by the reviews of other customers of his previous work, by copywriter’s portfolio and selected topics in which the copywriter writes.

Anton-PicWe interviewed Anton Rublevskyy, Ceo & Co-founder of Contentmart to find out more.

What were you doing before this, Please tell about your background, education etc ( Along with co-founders, if any )

Well, I was born in Simferopol, Ukraine where I finished Gymnasium. Studied in the US for 1 year and moved to Kiev (capital of Ukraine) to study in National Aviation University and was equally engrossed in business. I’m an entrepreneur since I was 16. While I was still exploring and learning to adapt with the market, I had launched 2 companies in Ukrainian market and sold them while they were already climbing their success ladder.

In Contentmart, we have an assimilation of people from the profound background. Vikas Trivedi, our Business Head and Co-founder with big experience in marketing, is one talented profile I can vouch for.

What made you decide to start this.

Having tried and tested a much-similar and analogous content platforms in Ukraine to outsource content for my other businesses and realized that it was quite evident that this model works efficiently in gathering the content easily and speedily.

Well, the motivation originally turned up after realizing the fact that the market is in a dearth of high-quality content and it’s about time to fill the gap especially when it comes to run a successful digital presence of any business, come what may, and also there is a huge requirement for impressive content in a language which is globally accepted – and this geared us up to launch a magnanimous Content Marketplace platform (

What was the most challenging part of developing your Start Up?

The most challenging part for our platform is always to purge and eliminate the clients and writers interaction out of the platform and for that we already have a moderation system in place and we are trying to make it more robust and refined to this kind of an interaction.

Thus, give the best experience, support and services to our clients and getting them delivered the best quality content at competitive prices speedily. And for that matter, we are closely monitoring all the metrics to measure the same along with the roadmap to achieve it.

What would you say is the biggest lesson you have learned while running your Start Up?

The lesson I have learned while running my Start Up is “Implementation is the key to success” i.e. a real time implementation always plays a vital role in making any idea a success.  To make your ideas and techniques work successfully, timely implementation is very necessary otherwise your ideas will become obsolete on a much faster pace than even any technology.

What one piece of advice would you give to founders who are just starting their first venture?

The gist of setting a successful example lies in believing yourself. This applies to each and every task taken up by any individual. Move ahead with time and try to find your niche while working like crazy to achieve results.

Are you able to keep a work-life balance?

Maintaining a work life balance is easy when your business is properly structured but being an entrepreneur it takes a lot of hard work and long hours to start any new business and standing against our competitors. The only way you can stay through those long hours is just love what you are doing. And, of course your family is also a priority, the only key that allows me to keep my work and personal life balanced is time management.

Where do you see your Start Up in 5 years time?

The rise in the need for quality content from past few years has been terrifying. On the other hand,  studies and market trends have proven that the freelance market has gained much hype during recent times. And, we are building a platform in that manner – assuming that it is bound to grow.

Our business is expanding at a rapid rate and there’s no reason for us to believe that we can’t do it. In the next 5 years, I want to see Contentmart as the most loved, secured and a user-friendly marketplace platform to connect clients in need for quality content with the expert and highly skilled freelance writers around the globe.


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