Team of enthusiastic professionals launch Co.Lab.Orate to provide co-working space for freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs.

Coworking is a style of working that facilitates people from diverse backgrounds to work together usually in a common space. In coworking, people share values and are interested in the synergies that can happen from working with like-minded people in the same space.10665099_10152682763626233_5585221869711498637_n

Most independent professionals and creative workers complain of the absence of exciting open coworking spaces where one can sit and work in peace, without getting cut off from the rest of the world. Everyone like to have a space that may be small but is an island of peace and comfort. We always feel to have a desk that comes with frills but with limited liability. It is heck of a problem to find common space where people can do their own work without feeling isolated.

To help freelancers, startups and entrepreneurs structure their ideas and benefit them from a friendly and innovative environment, a team of young enthusiastic youngsters – Anurag Parepally, Vinay Peddinti and Raghuveer Kovuru have joined in to launch Co.Lab.Orate, a productive, enjoyable place to work with fast internet, desks & coffee. 

450Co.Lab.Orate maintain the same global standards and values of community, openness, collaboration, accessibility, and sustainability. They aim at providing affordable space to independents, freelancers, travellers, indigenous startups and entrepreneurs thereby developing a self-driven community.

Coworking at Co.Lab.Orate is a beautiful, incredible and exciting as it lets one work in an absolutely casual and informal environment while at the same time rubbing elbows with diverse people. The in-house event and workshops also nurture and develop the entrepreneur in an individual.

8496_537586182944347_12789404_nIdea to incubate Co.lab.Orate started some months ago, when three of us wanted to enter the entrepreneurial world with the intention of setting up a startup, we searched for a place which would provide all the facilities required for a small time office but at really economical prices. Moreover, networking and interacting with people from various fields is really important for a growing company. There was nobody who could provide us the same in Hyderabad. It was either executive spaces or shared offices. We felt that coworking spaces are very rare to be found around us and there was a need to plug the gap, hence the idea of Co.Lab.Orate was born,” said  Vinay Peddinti, administrator at Co.lab.Orate.

1781965_10152814204521233_5249836632857759507_nAnurag Parepally, space evangelist at Co.Lab.Orate said, “ in the world of startups, success is supported by positivity, networking, perseverance and the much-needed capital. Several wonderful startups lack the above attributes. Especially, capital places a crucial role in determining the fate of a company. In the era of high establishment costs, rising real estate, cut-throat competition and lack of appropriate guidance, entrepreneurship is like entering the Padmavyuha. Co.Lab.Orate is the answer.”

3eb1b01“We organise regular events and workshops on a weekly basis. The idea is to keep the startup mechanism active and running. An event a year or on a half-yearly basis does little in keeping the system active. Hence, we organise events of all kinds like discussions, technical workshops, debates, food meets and so on. All the events are free and everyone is welcome to be part of them because of the varied nature,” said Raghuveer Kovuru, community animator at Co.Lab.Orate.

They have a lively and active floor space of 3500sqft with spacious lounges, rooms, sit-outs, and pantries. Co.Lab.Orate can accommodate 50 people at once.

All coworkers at Co.lab.Orate are a part of Community Animation Programs and Services (CAPS) model which is a collection of their in-house programs which aims at providing quality content to our coworkers. Coworkers can voluntarily enroll themselves in programs of a desired choice.

It is a program designed with a mix of one-to-many, many-to-one and many-to-many interactive sessions. “CAPS” has been placed to promote interactions, interfacing and networking. We hold many sessions on business case studies, mentoring, VC interaction, funding, investments, organization structuring, open lunches, etc.colaborate 1

Other major events that happen at Co.Lab.Orate! are  Startup Crawls, Co.Lab.Orate Discussions, Influencer Series, Co.Lab.Orate Grill, Startup Networking Time, Microsoft Azure Trainings, Raconteurs Volumes, Movie Weekends, Travelogues, Salesforce Training, Startup Leadership Sessions, IoT Training Sessions, Art Exhibitions & Displays, Writers Clubs, Book reading Sessions, Brown Bag Sessions, Coworking Jellies, Coworker Engagement Parties.


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