Meet Click & Boat: the Airbnb of the Seas – a peer to peer boat rental platform


Click & Boat is a peer-to-peer boat rental site created in 2013 by two young French entrepreneurs: Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth.

This start-up was born from a simple observation: that there are millions of boats just sitting in the harbour for most of the year, and that is expensive for boat owners.


Click & Boat allows owners to safely and intelligently cushion their boat expenses by renting it to other individuals.

In 2017, the “Airbnb of the seas” opens its platform up to professional renters and aims to become the world reference for boat rental.

After experiencing enormous success and branching into the rest of Europe and the United States this year, the “Airbnb of the seas” has announced today the opening of their platform to professional boat renting companies.

With soon to be more than 22,000 boats and new development opportunities on the horizon, the French start-up sets the global standard for peer to peer boat rentals.

The world leader in boat rental

More than 150, 000 members throughout 20 countries, 60, 000 rental agreements and 40, 000 client testimonials…

click & boat

After attracting a huge amount of renters in France and Europe, Click & Boat has spread across the world. Today, Click & Boat announce the opening of their platform to professional boat renting companies.

This is a fundamental evolution in the original model, based initially on the relationship between individuals. These professional boats renters will complement the current fleet of 12,000 private boats already available throughout the world.

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“During our 4 years, we’ve came across tens of thousands of individuals, all facing a wide variety of needs; types and sizes of boats, “sporty, “day tour,” or “cruise” to the ability to travel autonomously or be accompanied; for half a day or several weeks…Our partners recognize that this knowledge of the diversity of the expectations of amateurs sailors constitutes a major asset. It is with this experience that we are evolving to become the reference model of a site for online boat rental.” Edouard Gorioux, co-founder of Click & Boat

By offering their fleet for hire on Click & Boat, professional rental companies benefit from:

the best visibility online (more than 3 million people visited the Click & Boat site in 2017)

the best booking management tools developed for boat rental (automated reservation management, up to date availability, etc.)

access to a new client base.

For their part, amateur sailors will be able to profit from an even wider choice, and in particular an enriched high-end offer: sailboats, yachts, hiring with a skipper…and this will be available in more than 40 countries around the world.

“The opening of our platform to professional boat renting companies offers our customers new destinations and new ranges of boats” says Jérémy Bismuth, co-founder of Click & Boat.

With soon to be more than 22,000 boats available, the start-up aims to offer a fleet of 30,000 boats (from individuals and professionals) present in 50 countries before the end of 2018.

Exceptional growth in Europe, The UK and US

Since its birth in 2013, Click & Boat has seen an exceptional rate of growth, especially throughout English-speaking countries.

Based on the simple model of Airbnb and the direct relationship between owner and tenant, Click & Boat has allowed more than 100,000 Brits to sail in Europe during 2017.

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Available via the Click & Boat website or on a mobile application, Click & Boat has already attracted more than 3,000 British boat owners.

The most active areas for British sailors include; Croatia, Greece and Ibiza.


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