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YourMarch is co-founded by Aman Gupta (CEO) & Himanshu Tamrakar (COO). YourMarch is India’s First Network for Voters. It is an online platform which empowers voter to influence politics and government policies along with fellow voters while using game mechanics to encourage and rewards them for participation.

YourMarch’s journey began in November 2016. YourMarch’s mission is to empower every Indian to question and influence the government. Each and every Indian will beempowered only if they are connected together and raise their voice together.

We believe that in order to bring any form of change within the society, be it social or civic, Citizens and Government are most important stakeholders in it. Change is not possible without influencing or changing government policies. Most of the youth felt disconnected with the government, but everyone has something that he cares about, has some changes that he wants to see in the society, has some views on governance,policies, politics, etc.

The only way that youth can be engaged with government is through incorporating government and its activities within their daily life using technology. We believe that democracy is successful if its citizens are fully engaged with the government.

YourMarch is a very early stage startup. We are currently looking into various possibilities for revenues. But at end of the day, we are a social network, so we figured out following possibilities about revenue models:
1. Data Insights: Micro targeting solutions for Election Campaigns, Advertisers, Advocacy Groups, etc.
2. Advertisement: Targeting based on the sentiment analysis of voters.
3. Premium Services: Upgradation of the service provided to the voters.

YourMarch is mainly focused on Indian Voters who are concerned about issues and politics. The current market size which YourMarch is focusing on is 460 million. YourMarch is planning to capture 0.10% of market in next 1 year. It is one of the innovative solutions in Civic Technology market demystifying the complex political process using civic engagement.

YourMarch’s vision is to create a platform where government and people can work together on the policies affecting people. It believes that democracy is successful if its citizens are fully engaged with the government. YourMarch is demystifying the complex political process of our country using bleeding edge technologies like Big Data, Sentiment Analysis, etc. YourMarch will engage voters using social media and help them to organize around the issues that they care about.

YourMarch is totally bootstrapped and is funded by its co-founders and is looking to raise an angel round of INR50,00,000 this would be a great start to initiate their operations.

The funded amount will be mainly used for marketing, acquiring users and improving the product. YourMarch is looking to acquire 5,00,000+ users within a duration of 1 year after funding. Within next few years, this platform will help in encouraging citizen participation in solving civic issues and influencing government policies i.e. creating empathy within the voters for the nation and government.

Within 5 years, this platform will act as the central stage of political conversation and functioning of the government.

Our journey began in November 2016. In the initial stage, the primary focus was to bring representatives on the platform in order to make it impactful, where we failed miserably because of lack of interest from their side.

After some time, we changed our focus and moved towards voters instead where we are gaining a significant amount of users. This strategy will ultimately help us to bring representatives to our platform.

It’s been a difficult path till now where we have seen various ups and downs. Currently, we are also facing issues financially therefore in order to sustain the business we are also working as software consultants for other startups.

The moral of the story is that if you want to start something, then you have to start it right now, irrespective of the problems that you are facing. You have to learn whatever is needed for your venture i.e. we are a team of 2 co-founders and we are developers, designers, marketers, researchers, etc. and we are ready to become whatever is required to make YourMarch a great success.

YourMarch is a venture with Social Impact, but it’s also working in the fields of data analytics in unexplored areas, which if used in a proper manner can prove to be a game-changer in future politics.

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