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I tried creating my own startup, for several years, and have faced a lot of failures. For me a startup product should be unique and not something that is created for the sake of creating the business with 2% different from an existing solution and marketed like the next best invention that would revolutionise the game.

Being a rebel and with lot of imagination and a heart void of the fear or criticism and failures, I have tried to build my own unique solution for a market without any knowledge of the user base, as a result failure was imminent, and worst, I have more than once left my job to pursue this dream. I recovered myself, from the fall, stabled the situation with a job and retried it again.

There had been times, when I would be working 18 hours a day, just to create the thing that I believe in. People tend to get tired after work, but my passion with code and understanding the market for it, kept me interested in and off my office work.

Having moved between different startups as a software engineer, I was finally understanding the market fit for a unique product in a consumer-driven manufacturing. It was when I was working with an indie game dev company, and searching the stack over flow frantically I hit on an idea to create an interactive code bot that will teach and help you to build the games of your dream, so hatched Its been only a few months that we have been developing the product but we already have a good user response.

We are building products that will teach students to learn game development through an automated interactive codebot. Anyone who is interested in the world of indie game and wants to know, where to start out from can use our product.

We are the 1st one in the market with this technology. A high pitch concept of our product can be “siri teaching you indie game development” For our future plans we are planning to include the bot analytics to teach other subjects as well.

We are a small team of 5 people, to handle this task so through the crowdfunding platform we are looking forward to expand our product is engineered to be used by the students, and the timing of our start has often provided us with a walls of vacations.

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