Can you go too fast?

Often the speed of execution at any startup is considered the most valuable parameter of execution.

Startups are in a life-or-death struggle to learn how to build a sustainable business before they run out of resources and die. Going too fast is dangerous and causes more problems, while slow going will consume more resources and kill the startup.

However, focusing on speed only could be destructive. Preventive efforts may slow the development, but pays off later and naturally speeds up again. To work startup requires some regulatory methods,  I figured out 3 methods that will make sure the optimum pace of development with a good grade of the quality.

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The product development circuit includes new feature building, modular development and iteration cycle. They are required to looked upon from a new perspective.

2FW build

This signifies for 2 features a week(5 days), with a one big feature (more than one module is going to be altered) and one small feature (only module will be altered).  Keep the other 2 days of the week to measure and learn from their addition to the product.


Lego development 

Every product should develop with the legal approach, you can add or delete any module as per the requirement without affecting the other modules. Such development model is also good while scaling your product. You will just fuel up every module and product will start scaling up.Picture2

IF(Iterate Fast)

The IF cycle is very important, the measure and learn part of the first method must take into account to iterate. The development team must be focussed on track the results and iterate accordingly. Product development is based on the hypothesis, in order to make it as per the customer, you need to iterate to test the next hypothesis really fast.Picture3

These methods may initially slow down the development process, but continuing to follow them will surely yield faster and expected results.

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