Becoming an entrepreneur is easy but succeeding as an entrepreneur is not!

It is quite easy to think about an innovation and work hard to achieve that. You can be an entrepreneur but, can you be the successful one? We all can participate in the marathon.

We know we all cannot win, but what we all can do is playing a fair game. Same as that, it is quite easy to be an entrepreneur with schemes like Make in India by the government, but can you be a successful one? It takes a lot and demands great sacrifices on personal and social upfront.


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One has to burn day and night without any second thought to make their dream a success story. Let us discuss few points that give us evidence that it is easy to be an entrepreneur but it is quite difficult to successful one –

Ideas can be brisk of a bubble

It is quite easy to daydream about a startup from which you will get million of profit and you will rule the market. But, when you give the shape of a product to your idea, it turns out to be quiet pathetic you, yourself do not just that it can be the idea that you dreamed about.

Entrepreneurship is quite like a mirage; you feel that there are lots of profit and wealth, fame but in the end, when you reach your destination it can all result as mere hallucination only. So, there are always clouds of uncertainty.

Your dreams give you no holidays

While you are working under any firm, it is quite easy to leave your work for tomorrow wand on your colleagues, but entrepreneurs are not allowed to take rest even of one day because they are the leaders. If they do not work for a single day then the whole team and project are on hold because no one understands their plans better than them.

It is quite easy to say I want to start my own firm, but it takes a lot and very painful at times to work without any off in order to build the standard and not everyone is always ready to take so much responsibility, hence it results in failure of the plan.

Four directions ready

It is quite easy to have a thought of making a bulb that light up with the steam of water. Sound cool and interesting, right? But, do you even have slightest of the idea that how you will execute this plan? How will you lead a team to execute this plan? After the manufacture of product whom you will do the sale of the product? So, you need to be ready from all direction about your startup be it an investment, production, marketing or selling otherwise it will just lead to the failure of the idea and failure of your entrepreneurship.

Can you calculate your decision

It is quite simple, imagine you have the team of 5 people and the one who is going to lead the presentation to the client tomorrow come and ask you for a leave for the same day. You approve the leave. Next day, you are clueless in front of your client, because they very person who knows about the presentation is on leave you didnt asked anybody to take the download from him.

You not only lost the client but you also failed in taking the calculative decision. Being a leader it is very important for you to make the calculative decision by weighing the entire if and buts of any situation. The little mistake and it results in great pain and failure.

Can you keep pace with your competitor and customers

It is quite easy that you calculate your growth worth how many customers you have more your customers. How much profit you are earning. But, in order to compete with your competitor in the rat race, you forget about your customers and consumers that result in a failed entrepreneurship story.

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The customer should be more important than self-obsession success. Most of the startups get mingled in the rat race and forget customers after little initial success and its results in the failed story eventually.

Bizztor Editors

Bizztor Editors.


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