3 Gems of Lessons on Innovation From Steve Jobs

Innovation – the most overused (and dare I say abused) word in the corporate world today. Ask managers what the organization needs most and they will say ‘innovation and creativity’. And they are right! But when it’s time to walk

True Leadership is About Being a Nice Guy

Leadership has always been task oriented. Its effectiveness has been measured by company valuations, quarterly and revenue projections, and other tangible metrics. Who cares if the CEO or managers are autocrats as long as shareholders are happy? Stories about appalling

Tear Up That Resumé – You’re Better Than It

As I drove to work one day, I saw a hoard of daily wage workers standing on the street. They were waiting for someone to employ them. A pick up truck stopped and the whole hoard gathered around it. After

How Your Job Can Prepare You for the Amazing Journey of Entrepreneurship – Infographic

Do you long to be an entrepreneur? Of course you do. Your own rules, flexible working hours, people working for you, and no office politics. Plus you get to do what you want to every day. When you tell others