4 Strategic Lessons Young Entrepreneurs Can Learn From Elon Musk & Tesla

You’ve probably heard of Elon Musk. The CEO of Tesla, the electric-automobile manufacturer, Musk is probably the one of only two people on this planet to found three billion-dollar companies—PayPal, Tesla and SpaceX. During a 2013 interview for TED Talks,

Grow fast or die slow
Grow fast or die slow: Strategies to sustain business growth

Growing a business is like gardening. You have to constantly keep tending to the garden to ensure that all the plants grow well, the flowers bloom, the weeds are put away, and the pests don’t harm the garden. Forget to

Should Start-up Founders be Wary of Activist Investors?
Should Start-up Founders be Wary of Activist Investors?

The recent fracas over Snapdeal’s potential sale to Flipkart has opened a big can of worms, especially in terms of investor participation in the Indian start-up space. SoftBank, the biggest investor in the online marketplace, had written off losses worth

Why bootstrapping is a very viable alternative to raising funds

2016 seemed like a bloodbath for the Indian start-up ecosystem. More than 200 start-ups, including some of the biggest funded ones like AskMe, TinyOwl, Peppertap, FranklyMe and Fashionara, failed to survive the headwinds of competition compared to 140 the previous

What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Put on Their Business Card
What Every Entrepreneur Needs to Put on Their Business Card

When it comes to graphic design, there’s a wealth of creative business card options that you can use to make yourself stand out from the competition at trade shows and other networking events. But with so many different designs, how do you

50 ways to Get More Traffic to your website

Everyone want to increase traffic to their website and make it popular, But only few able to do so. If we have proper planning and list of list of things to do then it makes our work simple to increase