Launching A Startup
19 Truths About Launching A Startup

A few things I tell all first-time startup founders to help accelerate revenue. This is a follow up to “things I’d do differently next time around”. I’d recommend reading it first. Also Read: 20 New Small Business Ideas In India With

hiring A team players
This Is How You Identify A-Players (In About 10 Minutes) During An Interview

Over the last 15 years I’ve probably interviewed close to 1,000 people for all sorts of roles. From sales to marketing to engineering to customer service to management and even CEOs and board members. When I started interviewing, I’d estimate

What I’ve Learned Mentoring Dozens Of First-Time Founders

I guess I’ve kind of always known this — but now I really know it… “Building a business has nothing to do with tactics and everything to do with mindset.” Not just from my experience building a bunch of companies over the last 15

The 9 Specific Things We Did To Build A $100M Business In 3 Years

During an interview last week I was asked to talk about the most impactful things we did in the early days at BigCommerce (2009–2012) to grow the company from nothing to a $100M valuation during that time, so I thought

Entrepreneurs: Read This Whenever You Feel Like Giving Up

Here are 58 powerful quotes that have kept me focused and moving forward as an entrepreneur since 2001. “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it

A simple way to determine the loyalty of your best employees

Do they tell you when they’re hit up by recruiters on LinkedIn? When your employees are happy and feel they’re doing the best work of their career, they of course stick around. In the best cases, they can be offered

The exact pitch deck strategy I’ve used to raise $125M since 2011

The right way to create a killer pitch deck and get funded — from someone who has raised $125M since 2011. Creating a pitch deck is hard, especially when you’ve never done it before. If you’re a first-time entrepreneur like

How To Fire An Employee – The Right Way

It’s never easy to fire someone but it’s sometimes necessary. Here’s how to do it the right way. Nothing slows down a startup like bad hiring – expect when you keep those bad hires around for longer than you should.

The Top 5 Reasons Startups Fail

Some advice to make sure your startup doesn’t become a statistic. Building a startup is hard, especially when the odds are stacked against you. I was reading a report by CBInsights on the weekend that listed the top 20 reasons

What to do when startup success feels elusive

7 things to analyze before you throw in the towel and give up. Building a startup is really hard, especially if you’re a first-time founder. Not only do you wear multiple hats, you’re also ultimately responsible for the life and

Every Founder Should Be Live Streaming  -  Here’s Why

Build the audience before the product. I’ve always believed you as the founder should be the face of your business. With the publishing tools available now, I believe that more than ever. My prediction is that within 2–3 years, the

Don’t spend anything on marketing until you’ve read this

How to redefine the competitive landscape and win your first 1,000 customers. Marketing where your competitors do is expensive, especially if they’ve raised a bunch of money. You’ll both constantly bid up prices and there will always be at least

Good CEOs do just 3 things

How to cut the bulls*it and grow faster by doing fewer things better. Fred Wilson’s now classic post What a CEO Does, argues that a CEO really only needs to do three things: Sets the overall vision and strategy of

8 Rules Of Great Products

After building products for more than 200,000 paying customers, here’s what I’ve learned (so far) about making them great… Building great products requires a mix of vision, customer feedback and continuous iteration. I’ve found this to be true regardless of

19 truths about launching a startup

A few things I tell all first-time startup founders to help accelerate revenue. This is a follow up to “things I’d do differently next time around”. I’d recommend reading it first. Launching something good now is better than launching something

Achieving Your Goals Won’t Make You Happy

The myth that an empty goals list means you‘ll be happy… We all have goals. Some of us want to change the world, while others just want to get by and be a little better every day. Goals are a

What To Do When Business Growth Stalls

Growing any business is hard. Sustaining that growth over time is even harder. You have to contend with new competitors, market dynamics, employees leaving and the law of large numbers, among other things. If it hasn’t happened already, sooner or

An alternative to always working harder

How to get the same (or better) outcome with less effort. As human beings, we’re only productive for a finite period of time each day. When you go beyond that, you can maintain output but not quality. There are countless

The success habit I wish I knew 18 years ago

How the top 2% think. Literally. Most people live in a reactive state. They work on stuff until someone distracts them. Then they react to what the other person needs. That’s true at home and in the office. And it’s

Things I’d do differently next time around if I was to start another company

I love reading blogs by founders who try to give back and share what they’ve learned building their companies, so today I’ll try and do the same. When I look back over the last 15 years building 4 different companies

The startup framework to validate your idea before you spend $1

“If your startup failed, it’s because it didn’t solve a tier 1 problem for a large enough audience — here’s how to never make that mistake again.” Today I want to share the simple framework we used to validate our first idea,