Jon Westenberg

Entrepreneur, writer and avid learner. I advise start-ups and investors on how to build profitable companies and operate with a small business start-up mentality.

startup investment

There are only 2 absolute truths about building a Startup

I went out for drinks last night with a few

Business To Make Money

There Are Literally Only 2 Ways For Your Business To Make Money

Ultimately, a start-up is still a business. It’s still a

These bullshit marketing hacks won’t save your startup

I’ve read pretty much every marketing or growth hacking article


Not every business has to be a startup!

I know. It’s a cool word. Startup. It sounds like

There Is No Way Of Knowing Whether You Should Take On Funding

Sooner or later, as an entrepreneur, you’re going to reach

5 Reasons Why You Should Build A Small Business — Not A Start-up

I know we all want to do important things. We

Building A Startup Doesn’t Make You Special

Nobody owes you shit. I know startups are cool right

Tips for working remotely in a Startup and staying productive

Creating a new business is an exciting adventure. However, the


All the listicles in the world won’t make you an entrepreneur.

I don’t want to read these articles anymore. I don’t

This Is The Greatest Time To Start A Business.

People are pessimists. As a rule we’re all pretty negative,

There are no fucking Keys to Success

I’ve read the same stuff as you. I’ve read the

10 Ways You’re Wrong About Creativity Could Destroy You.

When someone identifies themselves as creative, or tells you that

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