Jeff Haden

Jeff Haden is a ghostwriter, speaker, LinkedIn Influencer. (only time I'll ever be on same list w/ Richard Branson.)

7 Things Employees Wish They Could Tell Their Bosses

Your employees have a lot of thoughts. Most of those


Business Principles That You Can Follow Forever

Some business tenets tend to come and go. A company

10 Steps to Starting a Business While Keeping Your Full-Time Job

Starting and growing a successful business is very difficult. Pulling

Business Principles That Never Go Out of Style

Some business tenets tend to come and go. A company

How the Rich Say They Got Rich

Even though everyone defines success differently, for most building wealth is

How Lazy Bosses Avoid Doing Their Jobs

We all overuse certain words and phrases.  That's natural. But if

How to Turn Your Great Idea Into a Great Business

Ideas are important, but execution is everything. Here's one example

Small Improvements That Can Transform Your Professional Life

If you don’t work in manufacturing – which is very likely

9 things the happiest people NEVER do

9 things the happiest people NEVER do

Many people think happiness, both professional and personal, is based

11 Affirmations Successful People Repeat Every Single Day

Accomplishments are based on actions, not on thoughts--yet the thought

The 3 Worst Ways to Treat Customers On the Phone

An everyday occurrence is anything but for your customers --

The $7 Million Company With No Managers

You talk about openness and transparency. But do you publicly

8 Questions to Ask Before You Start a Business With a Friend

It's natural to team up with a friend when you


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