When should you start meeting with investors?

One of the most frequent questions I get from founders, and one I had myself when I was founding companies, is “When should I approach investors?” It’s a tricky question, and the answer would be different in 1990, 1995, 2000,

Meet Click & Boat: the Airbnb of the Seas – a peer to peer boat rental platform

Click & Boat is a peer-to-peer boat rental site created in 2013 by two young French entrepreneurs: Edouard Gorioux and Jérémy Bismuth. This start-up was born from a simple observation: that there are millions of boats just sitting in the

The most important piece of advice for folks starting their careers

1) THE MOST IMPORTANT PIECE OF ADVICE I CAN GIVE FOLKS STARTING OUT: BE GREAT AT AN IMPORTANT SKILL. The important skills in the world right now include: a. sales b. coding c. product design d. growth e. design f.

Why investor updates are really, really important

I’ve spent 20 years as a founder, and during 10 of those years I had investors. My second (major) company was Weblogs, Inc. (Engadget, Joystiq, Autoblog, Gadling, etc.) and we had one investor: Mark Cuban. Ten years ago folks didn’t

Is inventing something new necessary for startups?

Do you have to invent something completely “new” to have a successful startup? Absolutely not! Most of the great startups of our time were evolutionary, not revolutionary. Google’s search engine was certainly better than the dozens that came before it,