How To Start A Company? Answer Simple Questions – Guy Kawasaki
How to Start a Company? Answer Simple Questions – Guy Kawasaki

There is a myth that successful companies begin with grandiose ambitions. The implication is that entrepreneurs should start with megalomaniac goals to succeed. To the contrary, my observation is that great companies began by asking simple questions: Therefore, what? This

10 Essential Tips For A Successful Startup Job Search
10 Essential Tips For A Successful Startup Job Search

Startup job searches are hard. There’s more risk (most startups fail!), there’s less information and the best opportunities are sometimes hidden and hard to find. So how do you navigate a startup job search successfully? I learned about this over

10 Reasons Why you must Stop Fancy things & Focus on your Startup

‘Startup’ is just a glorified word for an SME (small medium enterprise). As startups have become a commodity in today’s economy, everyone wants a piece and credit for their success. Sexing your startup up won’t generate money; attending conferences, winning

Why I won’t run another startup

Earlier this year, I closed my startup. So now I get to reflect on what I’d have done differently. Hindsight is unfair and inaccurate, but I still enjoy its lessons. This is one, a note to my future self: Don’t

Effective Strategies For Keeping Your Business Healthy

It’s a non-written rule that after experiencing a year or two of growth, businesses tend to slow down. These are critical moment when entrepreneurs need to act fast and make it healthy and profitable again. Since prevention is much better

Early Stage Funding – What Investors need to know about getting the deal done?

I come across a lot of early stage investors – many of them are on the Equity Crest platform, and many are new to early stage investing. There is some FUD (fear, uncertainty, doubt) among investors on how to set

Entrepreneur beware!

With the spurt of angel interest and an increasing number of billion dollar companies (valuation and not revenues), entrepreneurship is becoming a serious career option in India. More and more startups are getting off the ground and raising their first

How to start angel investing?

Angel investing is being discovered as an asset class in India. As private valuations rise, stories of early investors making >100x do the rounds, and real estate and the stock market falter- there is all the more reason to think

Branding- Something Startups Should Never Overlook

For a startup in this world which is going more and more competitive with each passing day, branding is really crucial. Those startups which are not paying attention to branding in the initial phase are committing a grave mistake. The

From Startup to Thumbs up…….!!

Startups like Flipkart, Snapdeal, OYO Rooms, Lenskart have entered the Hall of Fame as far as the Startups community is concerned. A pertinent question that comes to mind is how these ventures have become so successful and why not all

freelancer or entrepreneurs
The freelancer and the entrepreneur, Which are you? Are you sure?

A freelancer is someone who gets paid for her work. She charges by the hour or perhaps by the project. Freelancers write, design, consult, advise, do taxes and hang wallpaper. Freelancing is the single easiest way to start a new

5 Reasons You Might Fail to Become Your Very Best in Life and Business

You can be better at what you do. But it doesn’t happen overnight. Your goal should be progress not perfection if you want to be able to show up and do your most amazing work everyday. And while most people

Digging Your Way Out Of Business Debt – Effective Strategies

With so many startups around, it’s becoming increasingly hard for entrepreneurs to find initial investors. That’s why most people with good business ideas are forced to borrow money from banks and credit unions. When you owe money from the start,

Succeeding in business is all about networking

Why is networking important? I’ve been working with startups for almost three years and I came to realise that it is really important to know a lot of people. To put it simply: having access to a larger, more diverse

The Critical Importance Of Lead Validation In Internet Marketing

If you’re relying only on the number of inquiries your site receives to judge the success of your online marketing campaigns, you could be overstating your results by as much as 50 percent. Lead validation, which is the process of

Ways to Stress-proof Your Startup Life

I don’t think I’ve gone one day without running into at least one person who says they’re stressed; honestly, it’s usually me. Stress seems to have become a part of modern life and while no one likes feeling that way

Lessons Every Startup Can Learn from Uber’s Growth

Uber was founded just six years ago, but it’s already one of the fastest growing companies in the world. As an illustration of just how massive the company’s growth has been, Uber has reportedly created over 160,000 jobs in the

Is Your Customer Acquisition Strategy Missing Something?

No business can exist without customers. The more the customers, the higher the profits will be. Marketing today is mainly focused on customer acquisition to improve the sales and with it the revenues. However, customer acquisition is not an easy

How companies make good decisions: McKinsey Global Survey Results

Do strong decision-making processes lead to good decisions? This McKinsey survey highlights several process steps that are strongly associated with good financial and operational outcomes. In the survey, we asked executives from around the world about a specific capital or

Important lessons huge corporations can learn from startups

At a time when businesses are experiencing seismic shifts and consumer demands are being met by a growing list of global competitors, are there lessons that ‘big business’ can learn from their younger, agile and street-smart contemporaries? The answer is

Lessons I learned from working with hundreds of startup founders

Over the last couple of years I’ve helped more than hundreds of entrepreneurs, founders, employees and other people involved in startups and corporate projects. While I strongly believe that the overall quality is improving, I’m still surprised to see how

Things to Know Before Hiring Your First Sales Rep For Startup

Ready to hire your first sales rep? Hiring can be tricky, and salespeople (the good ones at least) are smooth talkers. If you do find that perfect rep, you need to make sure you can sign and keep him or

3 Decisions that Can Make you Next Billionaire

As an Entrepreneur, we always dream to create something Big that can change the human lives in a better way and get you big Money. But How many of the startups really succeed in this? Very Few ( Read Successful

A How-To Guide For Writing a Successful Blog Post

If you’re new to the content marketing game, writing your very own blog posts probably seems a bit intimidating. While folks who have never tried might think that it’s simple — just sit down and start writing, right? — anyone who’s

Trademark: An Important Registration Overlooked by Most Businesses

Many businesses are unaware of the most important registration for their business – a trademark for safeguarding the brand. Trademark registration is one of the most valuable registration for any business which can obtained both easily and cheaply. However, trademark

TVC : The Dinosaur awaiting its Comet

“Outrageous! Blasphemous! Preposterous! Are you out of your *insert-censored-word-here* mind?!” TVCs have been the ultimate holy grail of media planner’s budget. Ever since Stanly Resnor created the ad for Bulova watches, it blew our minds, of people and advertising professionals

The Big Brand Theory

Our parents used to tell us stories from different perspectives such as humor, patriotic, courageous, animals, super heroes and more. There is a common talk amongst us these days that there is no more storytelling there in today’s society. Is

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