Are you sure you want to be an entrepreneur?
Are you sure you want to be an entrepreneur?

Becoming a start-up founder seems to be a very cool thing to do these days. Everyone wants to be a CEO, which is why you see so many incubators , accelerators , mentors and coaches who are happy to help

Why I am happy to fund failed entrepreneurs

I attended an interesting TiE meeting for charter members which discussed angel investing, because TiE has now started a special interest group for angel investors. One of the topics for discussion was – How do you choose which entrepreneur to back? Seasoned investors

Bridging the founder-funder gap

There are many similarities between the healthcare ecosystem and the startup ecosystem. Just like there are lots of patients who line up to see a few doctors, there are lots of founders with great ideas who are chasing a handful

Ideas, entrepreneurs and investors

Most first time entrepreneurs are in love with their idea. They feel it’s completely cool and that it’s going to change the world. This is partly because all they do all day long is think about their idea and how