7 Lessons Startups can learn from reality show Shark Tank

Anyone who watches Shark Tank would swear that it is by far the best reality show ever. The 2009 series was a hit in the US and albeit we got it a few years late, this show has got Indians

Bootstrap Mentality: Key Ingredient for Startup Success

Bootstrap was term coined from the computer lingo ‘booting’ which means starting a computer or starting a chain of processes which eventually starts up the operating system.  In the startup world, bootstrapping essentially means funding your own venture and not

Be Like Deadpool: invaluable start-up lessons from Deadpool

Can an entrepreneur just watch a movie without thinking of start-ups? Probably not. Deadpool is a total laugh riot and its garrulous humour is meant to, and bound to entertain – but if you watch it with a keen entrepreneurial

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