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Bizztor Editors.

Why are Data Scientists crucial for AI?

Today, we are talking about the impact of artificial intelligence

Powerful ways in which AI is revolutionizing healthcare

AI is getting increasingly sophisticated at doing what humans do

What is the process of raising a funding round of investment for a startup?

What is the process of raising a funding round of investment for a startup?

A startup CEO has a lot of jobs. If forming

Upcoming Exhibition

How to Prepare Yourself for Your Upcoming Exhibition

One of the most effective ways to bring attention to


Be Like Deadpool: invaluable start-up lessons from Deadpool

Can an entrepreneur just watch a movie without thinking of

7 Most Effective Ways To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a curious bunch of innovators, who are self-reliant

Turning a Startup into an Organisation

I have been working with startups for a fairly long

Inspirational Bootstrapped Startup Success Story of MyOperator

How My Operator scaled from zero to multi-million startup. Listen

selecting a co founder

How to Select Right Co-Founder for your Startup

World is changing so quickly, that a great idea today,

Shark Books for Shark Entrepreneurs!

Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered

5 Things to consider when accepting an Investment

No matter what your idea is – be it to

Rohan Kumar, CEO – Toffee Insurance

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7 life lessons from Entrepreneurship Journey

It is easy to look at a startup and remark

10 Slides in your Pitch Deck can Help you Raise Funding in India

Are you a first-time entrepreneur or someone who want to

Deciding between Google and FB ads

With the proliferation of internet and its subsequent advancement, there

trilyo story

Trilyo is building AI driven conversational commerce for Hotels

Part of being a human being means having limitations, and

What are you waiting for, start your own ecommerce now!

You've got something worth selling? Get started online Getting serious

Books Every Founder Must Read

9 Books Every Founder Must Read Who want to Change the World [Infographics]

Books that Inspired successful entrepreneurs to think Big in the

Family health and financial health: are they related?

Amartya Sen’s Capabilities Approach to poverty says, “Poverty is not

Why is AI powered customer engagement a must now?

In 2017, Aeromexico launched a customized AI system, a neural

5 Ways You Can Make The Perfect Start-up Pitch to Investors

In the Age of Start-ups, there is absolutely no dearth

Becoming an entrepreneur is easy but succeeding as an entrepreneur is not!

It is quite easy to think about an innovation and


How a Start-up Silently Grew From a 2L to a 60Cr Valuation! – Cracslab

What started as strong belief is slowly becoming the future

Simplifying Angel investors, VCs and other funding options for startups

While most entrepreneurs think of VC funding as the most

How KNYA Created A Stylish Solution for Professional Women

With aggressive discounts and promotions, fashion e-commerce giants are trying

10 Tips to Help You Become More Accountable and Responsible in Your Organization

The success of any team or organization depends on a

Why is achieving Operational Efficiency a key factor for a startup?

Back when McDonald’s started it had a skimpy menu. Later,

How to detect business logic vulnerabilities?

In the day and age of the internet where more

Six Essential Tips To Market Your Blockchain Startup

With the advent of cryptocurrency as a strong, secured mode

Factors that will affect start-up funding

Securing the first round of funding is an unnerving process

The Third Wave of AI – Be more Human

When the British mathematician Alan Turing designed the Turing test

Don’t fight your Startup battle alone: India has a strong startup ecosystem support

Even a few years back, founding a startup in India

Grow fast or die slow

Grow fast or die slow: Strategies to sustain business growth

Growing a business is like gardening. You have to constantly

Startup Accelerator Espark-Viridian Invites Startups for its Upcoming Oct’18 Cohort

Startup ecosystem in India has flourished tremendously over the last

EVC Ventures Presents AR/VR Venture Capital Bootcamp – Funding Opportunity Worth $100,000 – $5 Million 

After two successful Seasons of Artificial Intelligence Venture Capital Bootcamp

Benefits of being an Entrepreneur

Benefits of being an Entrepreneur

2016 showed a surge of growth in the entrepreneurial space

5 Ways To Stay Ahead Of Cybercriminals

Abstract- Cybersecurity is one of the most important yet undermined

Qualities Of A Great Leader

5 qualities of a great leader (entrepreneur)

Entrepreneurs are the new stars of the Indian business landscape.

5 Ways Startups Can Use Issue Tracker to Boost Their Productivity

Have you ever been asked what Issue Tracker really is?

How to Successfully do Business in Asia

Are you looking to expand your business in Asia? Or

Deciding Between Web Apps and Native Apps

In 1994, IBM’s Simon was the first ever smartphone in

Startup or Corporate- Which one is better?

When it comes to select between startup and corporate, you

Why Success Always Starts With A Failure

We love to hear comeback stories – the kind of

How much salary should the Founder of a startup take?

Startups have to be acutely capital conscious because, the very

4 brilliant IoT innovations in the retail industry

The buzz about Internet of Things (IoT) has now become

How AI makes data more “Intelligent”

In the fast-paced world of today, there is a constant

Unlock the key beyond ‘All is going good’

The startup world war zone is same for men and

Guide To Eliminate The Most Common Mistakes When Approaching An Investor

All these investors claim that there are not enough opportunities

4 factors that predict start-ups’ success

The corporate scenario of today has made it simple for

What It Takes to be an Entrepreneur?

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and it

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