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5 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business to New Heights

Abstract- In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is necessary

sheores story

How Sairee Chahal Created Sheroes – Largest Women Community Online

SHEROES is a women's community platform, offering support, resources, opportunities and

Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

The Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs [ Infographics ]

To be successful in life there is no strict rule

12 Powerful Traits that make Start-up Employees Highly Successful

Working in a start-up can take its toll on the

3 Key Parameters An Accelerator Uses To Select A Startup

As a leading early stage accelerator, “What are the bases

Focusing on the Quality of Mobile App Is Important – Here’s How You Must Go about It

A plethora of mobile app development platforms can turn your

10 Most Valuable Startup Launched By Students (Infographic)

Are you a  student and dreaming of starting something your

NLP helping organizations make ‘intelligent’ decisions

A decade ago, we couldn’t have dreamt that someday we

5 things bootstrapping a startup has taught a two-time CIO 100 winner

In a previous life, I was the CXO at one

When AI meets Lead Scoring: From Predictive to Prescriptive

According to a recent IDC study on the impact of

EVC Ventures’ Season 4 EdTech Venture Capital Bootcamp In Association With Bertelsmann, Google, DoT

The odds of getting venture capital funding for an early-stage

Espark-Viridian launched Case In Point 2018 to inculcate the spark of entrepreneurship in India

Early stage startup accelerator Espark-Viridian has launched Case In Point

Things to Remember When Launching A Business

4 Things to Remember When Launching A Business

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that setting

Why I am happy to fund failed entrepreneurs

I attended an interesting TiE meeting for charter members which discussed

Indian Startups spend very little time understanding the problem – Kunal Shah

Over 90% of Indian startups fail within 5 years of

Things To Remember When You’re Starting Up

5 Things To Remember When You’re Starting Up

During the early days of Crowdfire, someone with prior experience

For the confused and curious, 10 things to ponder over while quitting job to start business!

We love to craft our own ideas in order to

Why Average Grade Students Usually End Up Being The Most Successful In Life

Typical Indian thinking is that you must get higher marks

How To Deliver A Pitch Investor Simply Can't Turn Down

10 Tips on How To Deliver A Pitch Investor Simply Can’t Turn Down

This is the Age of the Entrepreneur. Never has entrepreneurship

How to Reclaim Simplicity At Work and in Everyday Life

We live in interesting times. Complex is simple, and simple

How to obtain ideas from your team

How to obtain ideas from your team

The one thing every single entrepreneur can rely upon is

AI’s potential in changing the workforce

Talking about the future without artificial intelligence is impossible. After

Raising money is a never ending struggle for entrepreneurs

Running a start-up can be extremely challenging, and founders often

How start-ups can get Investment ready

Funding undoubtedly plays a major role in scaling up a

EVC Ventures Presents Season 4 EdTech Venture Capital Bootcamp

After 3 successful Seasons, Artificial Venture Capital Bootcamp, Blockchain Venture Capital Bootcamp, and

8 Steps To Convert Your Business Idea Into A Winning One

Look around and you will see a lot of start-ups

saraf furniture

This Entrepreneur is Taking Family Business to New Scale with Tech: Saraf Furniture

The Indian furniture industry is huge and is ranked as

The Dangers of Unlimited Liability for startups

Serious business requires serious risk considerations, particularly if you're taking

The emergence of voice search

The growth of voice search has been exponential in recent

Can you go too fast?

Often the speed of execution at any startup is considered

This Brand is giving the best bet this Diwali with its lifetime free service offer on Split Inverter Air Conditioner

Come festivals and one can feel shopping in the air!

Merging Scale with Agility

How often haven't we read reports about the churn rates

Common Misconceptions about the Angel Investors

I am definitely not exaggerating when I say that there

Great Startup Idea

10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea – Read to Avoid Failure

Even the world’s best entrepreneur with incredible execution will fail

The Role Of Entrepreneurs In The Economics Of The Nation

If there were no entrepreneurs, our lifestyle and workspace could

How to develop your Content Marketing Strategy – Indian Example

You may have read my earlier blog, Building Blocks for

How This Indian startup Scaled to 65+ Countries – Knowlarity

In 2009, Knowlarity started work on its Knowlus cloud platform, which now

Facebook Hack and Lessons for Small Businesses

In a world where over 54% of the population is

Why do so many startups fail?

In my observation startups fail because of any one or

Highlights: Season 3 AR/VR Venture Capital Bootcamp At EVC Ventures

The odds of getting venture capital funding for an early-stage

content marketing startups

How to Make your startup Standout from Crowd with Content: Brian Wallace

A lot of startups make the mistake of putting their

startup investment

6 Proven Tips to Craft an Effective Startup Pitch for Fund Raising

As a new entrepreneur, your pitch to investors could be

The Two Most Important Questions to Ask at the Start of Your Startup

In the last three weeks, I’ve given three talks to

tv shows for entrepreneurs

10 TV Shows Every Entrepreneur Must Watch

As a young entrepreneur, if you have the time to

Beyond the last cent of funding

Most of the proposals floating around in investor exchanges and

How To Identify and Fund Your Business Startups

I have a wonderful business idea, I am looking for

7 cost effective ways that help a startup save time

Two intriguing factors that affect entrepreneurs are time and money.

How to Become an Entrepreneur in India? Let’s Start

How to become an entrepreneur is one of the common

Guy Kawasaki's Top 6 Tips for Growing Your Business

6 Pro Tips from Guy Kawasaki for Growing Your Business

Guy Kawasaki is the chief evangelist of Canva, an online

productivity hacks

10 Productive Hacks from Top Entrepreneurs to boost work performance

Entrepreneurs always start their day with a goal in mind:

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