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Indian fintech startups

Research Report: List of Funded Fintech startups in India in 2018

In recent years, Fintech startups are disrupting and challenging the

flexible working

Flexible Working – New Way to Attract and Retain Top Talent: Report

Flexible working, Working remotely or Co-working  are not terms just


Entrepreneur-Investor Relations: Bridging The Gap

An investor is the one who invests capital in a

fintech growth

87 Interesting Stats on Growth of Fintech Over 100 Years

Fintech is Impacting the human lives in big way and

How became a huge brand in insurance aggregator space?, an online insurance web aggregator company which provides free


NIRAMAI, AI based healthtech startup raises $6 mn in Series A funding

Artificial intelligence based healthtech startup NIRAMAI Health Analytix, has announced that it has

how to start a NGO

How to start a NGO – Registration process India

Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) is an association which is formed, managed

equity free startup accelerator

No Equity – Refined Enablement Process, How this Startup Accelerator is creating Impact on Indian Start-ups.

The #StartupIndia movement has given Indian start-ups a push and


100+ New Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment -Updated 2019

Certainly you are looking at starting your own business and

wadhwani foundation

How Wadhwani Foundation is helping FMCG entrepreneurs scale up and experience rapid growth

India is one of the largest consumer markets in the

startup accelerators delhi

Top Startup Accelerators and Incubators in Delhi to Boost Your Startup Success

Agree or not - Your network will decide how far

startup promotion

10 Things You Must Do to Boost Startup Promotion

A typical startup has a miniscule budget and a small

How Startups Can Utilize Efficient

Why is Networking important for Start-ups and how it is done?

For Start-ups, networking is a strategy that is a crucial

Top 6 Business Strategies to Beat Your Competitor

Have you ever wondered why most of the big brands

How can you manage change in your start-up?

It is true that old ways do not open new

The 4 Best Cities to Start a Business in Asia

For the past few years, venture capitalists from all over


7 Simple Hacks to Increase Productivity at work by 300%

To receive 80% of the results obtained in the work,

7 Things Sponsors Expect From A Sports Franchise

The rise of leagues in India has captivated the attention

4 Big Business Strategies that Small Businesses Can Use

Eventually, you would want your small business to grow into

7 Killer Tips for Startups Brand

The word entrepreneurship has become one of the trendiest topics.

How to keep yourself motivated in highs and lows of a business

There comes a certain point in your professional life when

Top Things Angel Investors Look for in Startups before Investing

Not all startups are Investment ready & Not all investment

Here Is Why An Idea Is Not All That You Need For A Start-Up

There was a time when getting a fancy corporate job

What is Social Entrepreneurship? Do Angels fund it?

The field of social entrepreneurship is gaining a rapid growth and getting

Payman Taei

Things business schools won’t teach you about entrepreneurship

Are you applying in one of the renowned business schools

Branding in the Digital Age: The Role of Word of Mouth

25, and without a job was not a good place

14 Entrepreneur Blogs That Will Change Your Life

Did you know that with every minute you spend on

Self-Doubts of a Startup Entrepreneur

A negative mind will never give you a positive life.

10 Small Scale Business Ideas in India with Low Cost

What If I give you some of the small scale

The role of entrepreneurs in the economics of the nation

 If there were no entrepreneurs, our lifestyle and workspace could

How FastFox , A Home rental technology Company is disrupting the Market

Fast Fox transforming the way people rent home. Fastfox aggregates all

7 Key Insights Entrepreneurs can learn from the journey of EduGorilla

Entrepreneurship is like a lonely journey with a lot of

5 Proven B2B Marketing Strategies to Scale Your Business to New Heights

Abstract- In today’s world of cut-throat competition, it is necessary

sheores story

How Sairee Chahal Created Sheroes – Largest Women Community Online

SHEROES is a women's community platform, offering support, resources, opportunities and

How to Start a Small Business in India – 7 Step Guide to launch

Things are changing in India, more and more people are

Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs

The Habits of Highly Successful Entrepreneurs [ Infographics ]

To be successful in life there is no strict rule

12 Powerful Traits that make Start-up Employees Highly Successful

Working in a start-up can take its toll on the

3 Key Parameters An Accelerator Uses To Select A Startup

As a leading early stage accelerator, “What are the bases

Focusing on the Quality of Mobile App Is Important – Here’s How You Must Go about It

A plethora of mobile app development platforms can turn your

10 Most Valuable Startup Launched By Students (Infographic)

Are you a  student and dreaming of starting something your

NLP helping organizations make ‘intelligent’ decisions

A decade ago, we couldn’t have dreamt that someday we

5 things bootstrapping a startup has taught a two-time CIO 100 winner

In a previous life, I was the CXO at one

When AI meets Lead Scoring: From Predictive to Prescriptive

According to a recent IDC study on the impact of

EVC Ventures’ Season 4 EdTech Venture Capital Bootcamp In Association With Bertelsmann, Google, DoT

The odds of getting venture capital funding for an early-stage

Espark-Viridian launched Case In Point 2018 to inculcate the spark of entrepreneurship in India

Early stage startup accelerator Espark-Viridian has launched Case In Point

Things to Remember When Launching A Business

4 Things to Remember When Launching A Business

Ask any entrepreneur and they will tell you that setting

Why I am happy to fund failed entrepreneurs

I attended an interesting TiE meeting for charter members which discussed

Indian Startups spend very little time understanding the problem – Kunal Shah

Over 90% of Indian startups fail within 5 years of

Things To Remember When You’re Starting Up

5 Things To Remember When You’re Starting Up

During the early days of Crowdfire, someone with prior experience

For the confused and curious, 10 things to ponder over while quitting job to start business!

We love to craft our own ideas in order to

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