10 Killer Productivity Advice By Happening Young Entrepreneurs
10 Killer Productivity Advice By Happening Young Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur takes more than vision. It requires continuous efforts, even at times when you don’t want to work or not motivated enough. Productivity is a process that involves a combination of planning and executing the task with

10 Question That Will Help You Write a Great Business Mission Statement

You need to include a mission statement when you’re creating a business plan for your business. Mission statement captures the quintessence of your business goal & the philosophies underlying them. This brief statement will decide your purpose of your new

The Secret Habits of Self-made Millionaires

There are two kinds of millionaires: those who were just born with the silver spoon, and those who worked hard to build their fortune. The ones that worked their way are known as the self-made millionaires. Most of the millionaires,

Don’t You Want To Know The Reasons Behind Why The Investors Are Not Interested In Your Startup?

I will not invest in your startup! Perhaps I have lost the count now of how many times I have heard this. I have tried and tried and tried to impress my investors, but have no clue what went wrong

7 Most Effective Ways To Think Like An Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurs are a curious bunch of innovators, who are self-reliant and focused. They are constantly mastering their own craft and developing their own niche. They do the same things differently, act differently and dare to think beyond the surface. A

How To Re-evaluate The Value Of Your Time Spent On Social Media Platforms

Is social media not working for your business? Are you still struggling to form a social media connection with your customers? You have just haven’t resonated with your audiences and the struggle is still on. The truth is that there

Investor won’t be bothered if you don’t show this quality in yourself

Meeting an investor often gives out a feeler of a horror flick. Not that we want to put the good Samaritan in the shoes of a vampire, but this is simply a frightful affair. Getting an investor on board is

The Newer Approach That Business Owners Are Adapting In B2B Marketing Success

Some clear distinctions make B2B business more lucrative. B2B buying cycles are longer, the buying motivation is different and not to forget cost of sale is higher. This is rapidly evolving marketplace that is changing and growing at unprecedented speed.

5 Quick And Inexpensive Ways To Generate Leads For Your Business

There is a lot of buzz surrounding social media when it comes to generating leads for business. The research shows that the number one issues that small business owners are facing today are not having enough qualified prospects. Every startup

Exceptional Qualities Of Business Professionals That Make Them Successful

A person becomes can only become a successful person when he/she is known by the traits he/she bears. Exceptional business professionals are rare to see, they overcome the challenges by developing the wisdom needed to surmount the stress, traumas and

You Just Have Got A Great Business Idea …. So, What’s Next?

So, you have come up with a rocking idea that is going to change the world. How exciting!! You are all set to conquer the world well, there is no doubt about going anything wrong, but it is still a

Six Reasons Why Staying Positive Works in the Real World

In the ever changing fast paced world of technology and deadlines, one cannot expect things to go on smoothly. Also, there is no way one can really be in the saintly mode while dealing with the daily crap. Negative thoughts,

Wondering how Entrepreneurs Rock the Market? Well, you’re just 7 Steps away from being there.

Entrepreneurs are a curious bunch of innovators, who are self-reliant and focused. They are constantly mastering their own craft and developing their own niche. They do the same things differently, act differently and dare to think beyond the surface. A

For the confused and curious, 10 things to ponder over while quitting job to start business!

We love to craft our own ideas in order to build a niche, and that requires making some hard decisions. Starting a business is more than projecting numbers and looking at profits. It could even be leaving your current job.

6 Important Points To Keep In Mind While Setting Up Your Business

Starting a business can be one of the most fulfilling and challenging things one can take up. There is however, more to doing than dreaming about it. Setting up a business not only requires close attention but also unrelenting pro-activeness

The 7 Must Read Books that have to be in the Shelves of Budding Entrepreneurs!

Running your own business is the new cool. With increasing young guns venturing into the mean and competitive space, world is now seeing the new era of business tycoons who have barely touched their 30’s. Few of these entrepreneurs have

The Anatomy of a Winning Startup Pitch!

Pitching your startup to investors just might be the most nerve-wracking aspect of starting your new business — well, besides the prospect of losing your shirt. I get it. The last thing you want to do when you’re sleep-deprived and

For God Sake Please Read This Before You Name Your Startup

Let’s be honest, branding your startup is the most exciting yet a tough part when launching a new start-up. You get to name your baby exactly how you want it – for that you don’t want to take anyone’s opinion

Roadblocks That Every Startup Entrepreneur Faces

Having an opportunity to sit down with the young entrepreneurs and hear their stories about their challenges and how they overcome their roadblocks was overwhelming. If you are a young entrepreneur and running a business, it is like you have

I have a feeling that my next big unicorn idea will be stolen!

Well, everybody at some point of time get this feeling and it is absolutely normal. Why “NORMAL” because it is genuine feeling that comes but if you are every now and then fussy about it than there is definitely more

If I Fail I Am One Step Closer To Succeeding

If you are not failing every now and then, it is a sure sign that you are not trying enough. – There a famous quotes, mentioned, “it takes about 65000 errors before you are qualified to make a ROCKET”. Just

These 5 Tips Will Help You To Streamline Your Online Traffic!

The greatest challenge that online startup owners face is increasing traffic to their online store/website. Not knowing exactly from where to start, the majority of the entrepreneurs prefer outsourcing the job which can be easily done without spending an arm

Think Big!!! Why It Is Crucial To Choose Ambitious Idea For Your Startup

“Being Ambitious” is all about believing in yourself even when no one else in the world does… this famous quote wasn’t just made for the sake of getting good reviews — It is more and beyond this. It’s all about your size

Tricks to Write an Effective Business Plan

The one thing that i’m personally scared of will be to sit down and make a business plan. There is this inner hassle too. What if things don’t match up? And what are those scary numbers and projections? I was

Tired of Long Meetings? Make Some Important Changes!!

If you are an entrepreneur, long meetings are a given. They come as a package deal while training the team or liaising with clients. Extended meetings can completely drain you out, especially when it is a daily affair. It becomes

Quotes That Inspire The Nocturnal Psychedelic Entrepreneurs!

While the majority of the world operates on a 9–5 schedule or even earlier, early birds often shake their heads at late-risers, who seem to miss all the important action of the day. Breaking news, banking hours and even our

Five Mistakes New E Commerce Sites Should NEVER Do!

E Commerce has already taken over the way world functions. Everything can be bought and sold online now, thanks to the local online outreach that many businesses have these days. If you are planning on starting an E Commerce business,

F**K it therapeutics for Startup Entrepreneurs

I was once told by an exceptionally successful entrepreneur that reading is his passion. For him books were a great source of inspiration. He was humble enough to give credit for his journey to the books he had read. Reading

The top 15 reasons to start your own venture & why it pays to become self-sustaining in the present scheme of things

Changing times, busy schedules and competitive markets are a few aspects of life that we have been commonly familiar with. Global business avenues, growing technology and increasing consumer spending power has encouraged a number to people to take a switch.

For the Wannapreneurs who think “Grass is Greener on the Other Side” — Resist before you find your greener side!

I am a co-founder of a handful of companies that have now started, now showing good results in their respective segments. But tell you what, startup businesses have their own sweet struggles & challenges, sometimes it can be quite difficult,

Shark Books for Shark Entrepreneurs!

Shark Tank is an American reality television series that premiered August 9, 2009, on ABC. The show is a franchise of the international format Dragons’ Den, which originated in Japan in 2001. Shark Tank shows aspiring entrepreneur — contestants make

Your Startup Is About To Fail ~ Slideshare

Sometimes you think you are on the right path and everything is going smoothly… then out of nowhere, an unexpected obstacle stares you right in the eye. What do you do? Below are some early warning signs that you might

Is Your Startup Obsession Like Having A “New Girlfriend” Syndrome?

When I quit Edelweiss Capital to start my startup business, many people including friends & family were very excited as well as nervous about my new business and how I will be doing something new — “Be my own boss”, making my

You Should Stop Looking for Venture Capital

We want what we can’t have. And yet it can be argued that your chances of success are greater if you stop looking for VC money and focus your energy on bootstrapping your business and attracting customers. Sharing a Slideshare

Fear Of Change Vs Career Opportunity — Is This Bump Worth A Jump?

Beep, beep, beep!!! Your morning alarm blubbers you out of your dream filled sleep and let you know that it is MONDAY. Those blissful moments of your warm bed shatters your mood as you remember about the pile load of

Why Success Always Starts With A Failure

We love to hear comeback stories – the kind of the stories where people rise … fall … then arise again. It feels like a fairy tale, but these stories have happened for real. Yes there have been such stories

Finding Nemo at all the Wrong Places is what Entrepreneurs do when they are finding Co-Founders for their Startups!

We have come across many such old sayings … Partners In Crime Two Heads Better Than One bla bla bla … hearing them may make you feel good as they are classy sayings but these quotes very much relates to those entrepreneurs

“Entrepreneurs Are Rocket Scientists” — Cut That Bullshit!

The idea of being entrepreneur is ever appealing. However, it takes a lot of determination, will power and of course good many efforts to keep the ball rolling. While looking at any startup entrepreneur story, any new entrepreneur might think

10 very Important Questions to ask Yourself To gain a clearer Perspective on your Life

We live in a fast paced life setting, driven by technology. Needless to say we are busier than the generations gone by, which is why self-reflection is a must. Taking time-off with yourself once in a while will help chalk

Yet Another Bucket List of 25 Awesome Must Read Books for Startup Entrepreneurs!

“If you just work on stuff that you like and you’re passionate about, you don’t have to have a master plan with how things will play out.” — Mark Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook. No one ever said it was easy being an

Is your boss a Jerk? Situations & how to handle them!

1. The boss lets small problems slide, but then comes down like a ton of bricks when one of those problems gets out of control. An employee should keep an eye out for problems of any kind related to their

The best Social Media practices for the Lead Generation that takes minimum amount of efforts!

There is a lot of buzz surrounding social media when it comes to generating leads for business. The research shows that the number one issues that small business owners are facing today is not having enough qualified prospects. Every startup

Doing Social Media Marketing is not everybody’s cup of tea!

It needs more than just usual posting and networking nitty gritty. Today, having an online presence is essential to take your business to the next level. The markets are expanding globally and to cross new horizons, the businesses require smart