Are we doing what we want to do?

I happened to meet a friend of mine. She was my college mate and a very dear friend. She recently got married. I always thought her to be very courageous and brave.

She chose a person to marry herself, fought with her parents for him and finally made them agree for the marriage. She then happily married the person she loved. She is having a good job and her husband is also having a well-paid job. That made me always feel that their life is so settled and peaceful and they have done everything they wanted to do.

To my surprise all this was a vague figure in my mind. Actually, she was courageous enough to fight her parents but not with herself. She wanted to work in culinary art but she was struck with being data analyst. When asked why she does not start it as a hobby, she was clear that with a job and home to tend to, she does not get enough time for this.

This is not a single story of a women struck with responsibilities and ignoring their own passion. Before starting my own venture, I met many such friends of mine who discouraged me or tried to warn me that this journey is a difficult one and our dreams are difficult to carry forward as a full time job.

But again, there are many more women out working in the market who are pursuing their dreams and also helping the nation to build with their efforts. In all sectors, there are many women who have achieved success or are on the way to achieve it.

One very fascinating start-up in the education sector is CareerGuide.com which was started by a women and is helping students to choose their career field. Another is a coupon website mydala which is now one of the largest coupon providers. Also, Sairee Chehel of Sheroes is there who is encouraging other women to continue their career gracefully.

If there are women to discourage you, there are other women who encourage you. Just the thing is you need to show perseverance in order to pursue your dream and passion. There are certain factors that I believe a women entrepreneur needs to have in order to continue on their path of the dream.

1.Perseverance: Perseverance is one of the biggest attributes that is required for women especially to achieve their dreams. Women are discouraged not only by the society and other people but also by their own constraints. They tend to underestimate themselves out of the responsibilities they have in their lives but perseverance is one quality that can support them to fulfill their passions.

2.Knowledge: All the successful women have achieved their success based on the knowledge they have acquired over the years. Experience does not imply any corporate experience but the acquisition of knowledge. Many women have attained success even if they don’t have corporate experience but their knowledge and understanding of their dreams let them open their wings and attain the heights.

3.Passion: Above all, passion is required to fulfill any dream. There is never a guarantee that a dream will get successful. There are many things that determine the success and most of the things are not controllable. But apart from this, if there is a passion for making anything successful, there are more chances for the success to come your way.

At last, women have to think themselves what they want to do and how they can manage it. All the people have several responsibilities and those women who have seen success in their respective dream careers also had responsibilities. So, the answer is to pursue dreams or at least giving them a try. Success may not come but satisfaction will definitely come your way!

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