5 ways in which AI is revolutionizing online surveys

Surveys are a great tool for companies to understand their target market better. However, poor data quality is one of biggest challenges these firms face while conducting traditional surveys.

Often, the participation might be low or the type of people taking the survey may not be indicative of the desired research subjects, resulting in low-quality data. Survey farms, incentivizing completion, and even fake data can result in skewed results that are unpredictable.

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Furthermore, participants sometimes simply tell brands what they want to hear making the answers heavily biased. More often than not, it is the structure of the survey – the questions and the options provided as answers by the brands – that proves to be the real limiting factor.

So, how can brands circumvent these challenges?

This is where technologies like AI come into the equation. Here are 5 ways in which AI based survey designing is revolutionizing online surveys

Addressing customer fatigue

According to a Stanford research, the quality of data deteriorates as respondents spend more time in a survey. Forrester reports that response rates are as low as 2% and rarely ever reach 20% anymore. That’s a lot of key data and insights lost. Brands are now turning to AI based tools to address this fatigue.

Conversational surveys powered by artificial intelligence are a great way to address customer fatigue as it uses a combination of artificial intelligence, natural language processing and machine learning, and combine this with a brand’s own vocabulary to create natural, real-time communication.

Here’s how it works – an AI based conversational survey engages the customer in real-time. As the customer provides comments or text-based feedback to a question, a conversational survey will facilitate a two-way responsive interaction. This encourages customers to be more detailed and honest about their experience.

Open ended survey questions

Unlike traditional surveys which has a set of pre-decided responses, AI based surveys allow companies to ask open ended questions. The insights gained thus allow decision makers to see their brand through the customers’ eyes without preconceived biases. Conversational surveys are a great example of how open ended questions work.

Brands can design a simple survey with just one or two vital structured questions combined with an open-ended question like “Please tell us why you scored us X” that allows customers to elaborate further on the ‘why’ which is usually lost in traditional surveys.

Surveys at the speed of change

The speed of business is getting faster, with clients having lesser time. They need results fast, and with AI based surveys we can finally acquire customer experience data that operates at the customer’s speed of change, predicts buying behaviours, and correlates with companies financial data.

Cross platform and self-learning ability

One of the most powerful capabilities that an AI based survey tool has is its ability to learn along with its cross-platform functionality, which gives it the ability to listen to users from everywhere. The tool gets better and better at understanding and delivering precisely what companies are looking for in the least number of queries. AI based survey tools learn over time to give the most precise answers and solutions to the questions thrown at it.

Create real-time /instant surveys automatically

AI based survey tools allow brands to create surveys in real-time. These tools can scan a database of templates in micro-seconds and generate the most optimum survey with the brand’s details already edited into the questions that can be customized with just a few clicks.

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In recent times, it is crucial for brands to listen to their customers, to take evidence based decisions. AI powered surveys have shown the potential to help brands and marketers finally gain a true understanding of consumers’ behaviours and emotions that they’ve always wanted to learn about but not always been able to measure.

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