7 Ways Virtual Mentorship Relationships Add Value to the Workplace

Appreciating the importance of mentoring begins with appreciating the notion that anyone building a career can benefit from the wisdom and encouragement of someone further along in their career.

The internet age means the age of connectivity, and it has led to a new way of mentoring –the virtual way. Here are 7 important contributions a relationship between a virtual mentor and an individual provide.

  1. Adaptation to changes in the business climate

The business climate has been characterized by increased competition, changing technology, a more diverse customer base, more complex regulatory environments, and more complex supply chains. As such, the business climate’s shift from an industrial to a knowledge economy shows itself in many ways and impacts us all. The availability of a virtual mentor allows for easier adaptation to these changes in the business climate.

  1. Avoiding gossip

Virtual mentorship can be an effective strategy to prevent gossip. Rumours can start and flourish in office settings anywhere and at any time. For example, people speculate why their colleagues were laid off, or why someone got a promotion over someone else. Having a mentor accessible virtually allows for conversations to be had with a more privacy, given that people around can only hear one side of a conversation.

  1. Work-life balance

The hassle involved with scheduling meetings can lead to a lot of wasted time. Virtual meetings allow for greater flexibility, with the added benefit of helping achieve a healthy work-life balance as a result.

  1. Perspective

Mentors provide added perspective. Employees can always use the help of an outsider’s point of view. An issue may seem like a big deal initially, but with the help of an outsider’s perspective, employees can understand what to focus on and what not to prioritize. A mentor who provides this perspective available at the click of a mouse is definitely an asset.

  1. Re-alignment

A good mentor asks the right questions to lead you to reflect on performance, behaviour, and goals. They also help you learn from your mistakes and successes. With this sort of guidance available virtually, an employee can ask for assistance whenever they may have a doubt.

  1. Getting Access

Virtual mentorship is impacting individuals on a global scale. With the global expansion of the internet, people of all ages and demographics can access mentorship virtually.

  1. Encouragement

Learning from failures is key to developing leadership skills. Mentors who can offer encouragement helps employees learn from past failures with a positive attitude to help them gain the leadership skills necessary to move forward in their careers. Any interaction with a virtual mentor can have this positive impact.

Hopefully, by now you have come to understand the importance of virtual mentorship and the many ways it can add value to a workplace. It allows for an easier adaptation to the knowledge economy. It takes away from the every-day problem of gossip. Virtual mentors contribute to a healthy work-life balance, add perspective, and provide necessary guidance and encouragement, all at the click of a mouse.

Disclaimer: The statements, opinions and data contained in this publication are solely those of the individual author and contributor and not of bizztor and the editor(s).

Patrick-Henry-CEOGuest Author: Patrick Henry, the CEO of QuestFusion, is a San Diego based virtual business mentor and serial entrepreneur and the former CEO of Entropic Communications. Mr. Henry is a seasoned executive, CEO, and board of directors’ member, with over 25 years’ experience in managing high-tech companies.

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