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6 Perks of being a STU-PRENEUR

Many a times we discuss failures, struggles, and pathways of being an Entrepreneur. With this article, I would like to put an eye on the perks of being a Student Entrepreneur.

Very rare breed are student entrepreneurs and to take one step ahead in their life for pursuing and commercializing what they wish to do take a lot of heart.

I am presenting the Six Perks of being a student entrepreneur based on my experience of Chehraspeaks.com and why you must pursue something of your own even if you fail.

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Ability to try something of your own:

Being a student, you have opportunity to take in the risk of enrolling yourself into the idea of pursuing what you wish for. It’s just that one step of getting into something you like and carry ahead.

Having said that, you will struggle and go low at times, but the feel of taking your goal ahead with constant criticisms from people around will make you more strong and practical in life.

Even if you fail, you have an option to sit for College Placements:

This is one of the massive advantage if you start your entrepreneurship journey in the initial phase of your college life. Being from a decent college guarantees you a cushion that even if you fail in your startup, your college won’t debar you from sitting in placements.

This doesn’t mean that you have to just start something for the sake of starting rather you put your efforts and if results doesn’t come by, sitting for placements is a byproduct.



When typing your name on Google search shows full page of your link, it does feel amazing:

Well, this is one of the ways you can flaunt yourself around your friends and family but yes, it does feel amazing when you are being talked about. It feels that you become a brand and a sort of self-confidence which you garner is unprecedented.

Financial Freedom:

One of the reason why I started chehraspeaks.com was to be self-dependent and not be a burden to my family for my daily expenditures. Having said that, I would advise to always think for commercializing your operations at right time.

Sometimes, we over try to test our service/product for free which does hamper a startup and even cause them to shut. So, to enjoy the perk of financially leveraging your expenditure, time out the pricing of your product/service at the right time.

Your college interviews would be around your startup:

Even if you are weak at your theoretical/class concepts, one advantage which your startup would offer is, most of your interviews for internships or even college placements would be around your startup.

This is good in the sense for you will be knowing the complete case why something happened, where you went wrong, why you have adopted a certain strategy. So it kind of covers your theory failures over practical learning.

Opportunity to expand your network with Big Brands and strong business networks:

There would always be an opportunity to expand your business by associating with a bigger brand. For example, I offer face reading services the part of which deals with providing compatibility/relationship reading to my clients.

I connected with Bitwine.com (World Leading Psychic Network) and my talks are under process with a matrimonial site for it also offers match making services and addition of my service will be a mutual gain for both of us.

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Connecting with these brands, their managers on LinkedIn does help grow your brand and understand the complications of the real world.

I see around many people talented, skilled and better equipped with knowledge but the only thing which I do they need to adopt is taking a step.

Especially during the college, we worry that we won’t be able to study if we engage our self in startup and a lot of our friends resist us and induce the fear of failure. That is something which prevents us from taking that one step on the road. My final quote would be:

“Don’t just start for the sake of making a start, be smart, logical and have full belief in your idea, rest will be history”