Investor won’t be bothered if you don’t show this quality in yourself

Meeting an investor often gives out a feeler of a horror flick. Not that we want to put the good Samaritan in the shoes of a vampire, but this is simply a frightful affair. Getting an investor on board is

This Startup is Pushing the Idea of Remote Working

By @Connectvj –Interview with Ashish Malviya, Founder at Webricots – Digital Marketing agency. We interviewed him to know in-depth about him & WEBRICOTS. This is the 10th Interview of our Startup Showcase Series. Webricots is a globally operating digital marketing

How Losing a Co-Founder and Most of Our Team Saved Our Company

There we were, $1.1 million of investor funding on the line, flatlined growth, a burn rate that would make even seasoned entrepreneurs cringe, and daily founder battles that were promising to undo all that we had built. We knew we

5 Ingredients for a Successful Startup!

Statistics says 75% of startups fail. Yes, this is the bitter truth as far as the success rate of a startup is concerned. Exceptions are Facebook, Amazon, Google, Instagram, and WhatsApp. Certainly, everyone can’t be an exception. That is, there is