Meet 20 Indian companies selected for Mayor of London’s IE20 business programme

Twenty of India’s fastest growing companies have been recognised by the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan, receiving a prestigious award to join the Mayor’s India Emerging 20 (IE20) business programme. The winners were selected from regions across India and represent

Best Start-ups for Tech-challenged Entrepreneurs

While tech startups get the most attention, non-tech startups represent a significant opportunity for success and growth, particularly with overwhelming competition in most tech sectors. Five startup concepts which do not rely on tech are examined, offering entrepreneurs a quick

Blockchain Venture Capital Bootcamp – Another Chance For Startups To Get Funding Between $100,000 – $5 Million

After a successful Season 1 of ‘Artificial Venture Capital Bootcamp’, EVC Ventures is all set for its Season 2. EVC Ventures had Sequoia Capital and a few other folks like Businessworld, The Boston Consulting Group, YourNest VC Fund, IAN, etc.

The Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs to Survive

It’s been debated for decades whether leaders are ‘born’ or ‘made’. What about entrepreneurs? Is there a genetic set of factors that predispose certain founders to greater success than other visionaries? Through eight case studies, thousands of hours of research,

10 Steps to Starting a Business While Keeping Your Full-Time Job

Starting and growing a successful business is very difficult. Pulling it off while you’re still employed full-time and bringing in an income for yourself is even more trying. (I should know; I’ve done it four times.) Starting a business while

Does poor communication hinder the prospects of startups?

Imagine a situation where you have a disruptive idea that can completely change the food industry, but you can barely even communicate what your business is about, to a third person. How then will you be to get people interested

10 Killer Productivity Advice By Happening Young Entrepreneurs

Being a successful entrepreneur take more than vision. It requires continuous efforts, even at times when you don’t want to work or not motivated enough. Productivity is a process that involves a combination of planning and executing the task with