Business Development
How to Maximize Business Development Opportunities By Using an Affiliate Marketing Framework

Business development deals are notoriously time-consuming and difficult to scale. Teams tend to  hone in on a single large scale, highly customized negotiation at a time, limiting their ability to ramp up digital deals with midsize and smaller partners —

NASSCOM CoE (IoT)to co-organize “THE AEONIAN 2018”

NASSCOM CoE – IoT, today announced that it has partnered to co-organize “The Aeonian 2018”, India’s premier start-up expo and conference which will be held at the World Trade Center, +that focuses on innovation in emerging technologies like IoT, Analytics,

Breaking down Mark Zuckerberg’s Keynote for Entrepreneurs

Earlier last month, we bore witness to Mark Zuckerberg give the keynote speech for Facebook’s F8 2018. This momentous event comes post his senate hearing on the 11th of April and announces a wide range of thrilling features. So what

Are you ready to play doubles match?

As an entrepreneur, you start the business and over a period of time grow it. There comes a time in this journey that growing further becomes a challenge and you need to take on board an expert who will manage

20 Online Tools that can help Entrepreneurs in 2018

Many people believe that if they start a business they need thousands of dollars and partners or employees working for them. This is one of the biggest misconceptions in the entrepreneur world. Having all those would be great but that

4 Key Things to consider Before creating a Social Media Strategy

Before you start creating a result oriented Social Media Strategy, consider these four basic things: 1. Know your Customer:  Do not follow the trend what others are following, understand who your customers are and where you can find them. If my

Business To Make Money
There Are Literally Only 2 Ways For Your Business To Make Money

Ultimately, a start-up is still a business. It’s still a company, and it still has to make money. Even companies who double as mythical beasts with a single shiny horn are going to need to turn a profit sooner or