Bootstrap Mentality: Key Ingredient for Startup Success

Bootstrap was term coined from the computer lingo ‘booting’ which means starting a computer or starting a chain of processes which eventually starts up the operating system. In the startup world, bootstrapping essentially means funding your own venture and not

The rise of women entrepreneurship in India [ Infographics ]

Over the past few years, India has record growth in women entrepreneurship and more women are pursuing their career in this direction. At a global level, about 126 million women have started or are running their businesses and whereas in

How to Register a Private Limited Company in India – Complete Guide 2018

To start doing business in India, you must have to have a legal identity or a registered company.  There are various types of company you can register in India but private limited is most common and mostly used. With this

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Being Lean: Don’t Speculate to Accumulate, Validate to Succeed

First coined in the mid 20th century, the term “speculate to accumulate” refers to the need invest (at some degree of risk) in order to make meaningful gains. In other words; roll the dice, take a punt, have a gamble. This