Entrepreneurs VS Wantrepreneurs,
Entrepreneurs VS Wantrepreneurs, what’s the difference and why it matters.

It seems like everyone is calling themselves an entrepreneur these days. I have to admit, I called myself one when I didn’t know the real meaning. The problem with this, is that it sends the wrong message and dilutes the

3 Signs You’re A Fake Entrepreneur

[ Video transcript – 3 Signs You’re A Fake Entrepreneur ] Hey Guys, Dale Partridge here. I don’t want to step on anybody’s toes but self-proclaimed entrepreneurs practically grow on trees these days. I can’t read a Twitter bio or Instagram

Not every business has to be a startup!

I know. It’s a cool word. Startup. It sounds like adventure, freedom, saying fuck you to the man and about a billion dollars. I work in a startup, and I’m an entrepreneur, but I want to make one thing clear.

How To Pick A Domain Name [ Infographics ]

Domain names can be excessively expensive, just look at LasVegas.com that cost $90,000,000 to own between 2005 and 2040. This article, with the help of data collected in the image below, by websitebuilder, will address the importance of owning the