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Being Lean: Don’t Speculate to Accumulate, Validate to Succeed

First coined in the mid 20th century, the term “speculate to accumulate” refers to the need invest (at some degree of risk) in order to make meaningful gains. In other words; roll the dice, take a punt, have a gamble. This

10 Rules for a Great Startup Idea – Read to Avoid Failure

Even the world’s best entrepreneur with incredible execution will fail if their idea is fundamentally flawed, or if their market is too small. Founder & CEO of the Founder Institute, preaches a list of”10 Rules to a Great Startup Idea”;

Online loans start-up Lendingkart raises $10.5 million

Lendingkart, Online loans start-up has raised $10.5 million from Singapore-based Sistema Asia Fund and existing investors. Bertelsmann India Investment, Mayfield India, Saama Capital, India Quotient and Darrin Capital Management also invested in the latest round. Related: The Most common mistakes that startup

Cashless & Mobile Higher Education Conference 2017 Supported by TCOE, Government of India

When Prime Minister Modi initiated the Digital India Campaign, his vision was to provide a digital infrastructure, deliver services digitally and most of all ‘Universal Digital Literacy’ to all. Keeping the PM’s vision in mind, I-MADE initiative along with the