11 Indian Startups which Succeed Without VC Funds

When you meet new entrepreneurs these days, you will find that most of their ideas are funding dependent. It is hard to find entrepreneurs who believe in making the startup sustainable first and funding later when required.

Start-ups must not equate funding to success and their focus should be on product and unit economics in the start.

But every entrepreneur is not same and they not only believed in themselves but also made their products according to market needs.

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They proved that funding is not the only thing which can take your startup to success. If the startup continues to focus on its product and technology rather than funding, things will begin to fall in place themselves since there would be a constant incoming cash flow in terms of the revenues generated.

Sharing with you Infographics on these 11 great Indian entrepreneurs who made this possible. 

startups without vc moneyHope these great entrepreneurs will ignite the spirit of entrepreneurship in you to make the next big product.

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Before you start, make sure you are making a product which solves the problem not creating the product first and then finding the problem.

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